The Rest of the Story….

May 13, 2009

This story is about a little boy named Mario. Mario was born in 1978 to parents of Cuban and Galician decent.  When it was time for Mario to go to school, his parents chose a Roman Catholic school in Miami.  The particular school that they sent him to was all male and required it’s student to maintain a high GPA and level of academic excellance. This school was also ranked among the top 50 Catholic schools in America. 

As we most know, the Roman Catholic religion is very staunch on its views of certain “hot topics” in today’s society.  Roman Catholics believe deliberately causing an abortion is a grave and mortal sin.  Roman Catholics believe homosexual orientation is not chosen, but a disorder that is rarely reversible in adulthood.  They believe any act of homosexuality behavior to be a sin and not accepted by God. Support groups for Roman Catholic Homosexuals promote celibacy. Roman Catholics also believe that marriage is meant to be for heterosexual couples and only heterosexual couples since marriage is a union bonded by an oath before God.

So, little Mario went to this staunch Roman Catholic school where he learned these values.  He went there, and graduated.  After that Mario went from this strict environment to New York University where he graduated with a bachelors in drama. 

Mario was educated…well educated.  I am sure he learned the meaning of the word BIGOT which is: One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. You would think that because of Mario’s staunch Roman Catholic religion that maybe he was a bigot towards people who have had abortions or who are homosexual. 

It turns out Mario is a bigot, not to people who have had abortions, not to homosexuals, and not to supporters of either of these.  Mario is a bigot, and surprisingly it is against the same religious beliefs he was raised with.  He will not tolorate that thinking.  He is strongly partial to his beliefs and will not even consider the thoughts of those with the same religious beliefs he was taught. He has publically accosted those for voicing thoughts on their religion.

Mario is all grown up now.  He has a successful career and is famous for all intensive purposes.  He goes by a different name now though.  You know him better as Perez Hilton.


One comment

  1. To me, Perez is just like any other liberal, intolerant of other people’s right to their own beliefs and always at the ready to spew hate.

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