You might be a liberal….

May 23, 2009

If you have ever dodged a question and the draft #youmightbealiberal

If the term “left wing” is offensive to you because its not fair to birds #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve ever sent a care package to a detainee in Gitmo #youmightbealiberal

If you believed Clinton when he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” #youmightbealiberal

If you have ever sued Mother Nature for Shaken Baby Syndrome after an earthquake #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve ever spent $70,000 on solar panels to save on your electric bill #youmightbealiberal

If the cigar you bought wasn’t for smoking and went in the wrong hole #youmightbealiberal

If you ever punished your child for using a 4 letter curse word, and it was Rush or Beck #youmightbealiberal

If you think family values are the price your kids would go for on the black market #youmightbealiberal

If you find yourself suddenly liking Meghan McCain #youmightbealiberal

If you refused to see Batman because the actor who starred in it is named is “Christian” #youmightbealiberal

If all of your clothes, curtains, towels and jewelry are made out of hemp #youmightbealiberal

If you are on welfare, but your kid has a Wii, a new laptop, an Iphone, and designer clothes #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve never mowed your lawn because grass has feelings too #youmightbealiberal

If Jesus offends you because he had the audacity to be born in a barn ignoring the feelings of the animals #youmightbealiberal

If you still think teaching ebonics would be an awesome idea #youmightbealiberal

If you hate Easter because Norther, Souther, and Wester don’t get their own holiday #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve ever sat through an entire Michael Moore movie  #youmightbealiberal

If you think for Christmas everyone should bake “Gingerbread Persons” @youmightbealiberal

If you still believe O.J. Simpson is innocent #youmightbealiberal

If you believe God, Dr. Pepper and RuPaul are all really women #youmightbealiberal

If you teach your child never to take candy from a stranger, then changed it to never take candy from an “atypical individual” #youmightbealiberal

If you have “naughty” dreams about Keith Olberman #youmightbealiberal

If you have ever smoked weed, but didn’t inhale #youmightbealiberal

If you think trickle down economics is a tax on acid rain #youmightbealiberal

If you know every congressman got a 900 page copy of the energy bill about saving the Earth and don’t see the irony #youmightbealiberal

If you drink all your drinks warm because you can’t bare to watch ice melt #youmightbealiberal

If you think there should be a herstory as well as a history #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve never had the thought “I’m moving to Canada if Joe Biden ever becomes President” #youmightbealiberal
If you think socialism has something to do with bars and alcohol…, and therefore support it #youmightbealiberal

If you wear guyliner, manscape, and get more manicures than your wife/girlfriend #youmightbealiberal

If you think patriotism has something to do with being a fan of New England football #youmightbealiberal

If every night before you go to sleep you kiss your autographed pic of Al Gore on your nightstand #youmightbealiberal

If you think the second amendment has something to do with Michelle Obama’s outfits #youmightbealiberal

If you think we should start handing out condoms in schools in the 2nd grade #youmightbealiberal

If you wear 37 plastic “Awareness” bracelets of different colors everyday #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve ever sat in a DMV for 9 hours for a drivers license and still think it’s a good idea that government runs our healthcare #youmightbealiberal

If you are pro-choice but are super glad your parents weren’t #youmightbealiberal

If you think euthanasia at animal shelters is wrong, but believe in abortion #youmightbealiberal

If your kids names are Kennedy, Clinton, and Carter #youmightbealiberal

If you’re in favor of a third public restroom for people who don’t classify themselves as “Men” or “Women” #youmightbealiberal

If you throw red paint on fur coats for PETA but yet think stem cell research is awesome #youmightbealiberal

If you’ve ever said “Thank God its Friday” but refuse to say “Merry Christmas” #youmightbealiberal



  1. Rock on, excellent post http://randysright.wordpress.com/

  2. Jen, thanks for steering me here!! Love your blogs, they make me laugh and make me proud! Mine is not as elegant as yours, I don’t have your command of prose, but we are on the same page!! Look forward to more of your posts!!

  3. I absolutely love this! Please let me republish it on The RIGHT Movement. Of course you will get writing credit. Thousands of people will read it and love it! =)

    • You are more than welcome to! The more people the better….LOL!

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