July 7, 2009

We lack hope. As Americans in general. This hopelessness is not the result of many things…it is the result of one. That one thing…is us. We let hope die. I will explain what I mean.

Let me relate this in way we all understand. We have all had tragic love stories in our lives. Love that seemed no matter how hard you work at it, no matter how much trust you have that the fairytale love is possible, that you and this other person just can’t seem to make it work. You tried, and even though in the beginning you had the faith, you failed. Your love story became just another tragic story of failed relationships. Most of us, instead of forgiving and forgetting, carry that hurt with us onto the next relationship. You trust a little less. You don’t love with the fairytale beliefs. You don’t let a your whole heart become vulnerable. Then if, that relationship doesn’t reach where you wish it would..then the cycle continues. Love becomes a compromise instead of a enduring emotion, your fairytale becomes a “realistic expectation of humanity”, your hope is replaced with mediocrity. This is no way to love, no way to build a life with someone. Hope must endure for love to survive.

Now apply this to my “love affair” with my Country. I was born into this idealistic definition of humanity. That inherently Americans were freedom-loving, good, right and just. Then, I grew up a little, I would see people fighting for the right to kill fetuses. I fought the good fight, lost, and in turn lost a bit of faith I had in humanity. I grew up a little more. Fought more battles, based on my belief still that Americans all loved what was morally correct. I lost more battles than I won. Every battle that I entered into…I entered with less faith than I had in the previous fight, less of the idealistic belief in my Country, less than the entirety of my soul impassioned with a cause that I knew was worth fighting for, but probably wouldn’t win.

This is no way to love America. Hope must endure for my love of America to survive.

So, just like I had to let go in order to find a good love in relationships…I am now declaring my intent to let go of past battles lost in my fight to keep America the greatest country in the world. I am restoring my faith in hope. I know that I am not alone. There is good left in humanity. We have all let it go in order to appease the masses. But they are not the masses. The masses believe the same way I do. But still, those opinions are unpopular. Oh well! Let me be unpopular. Let me lose more battles than I win. I don’t care. I am ok with being unpopular and the voice that people want to silence. If I did not keep the hope alive, then somewhere out there..someone else would do what I did. Lose the fledgling hope that they carry. We cannot let the world think America is apologetic anymore. Let us live with the audaciousness that we all have in the greatness of our Country. We need to live with the morals and values that we are not ashamed of, but yet so proud of that we scream them from the rooftops.

Help me keep hope alive. For without it…we will lose the fairytale story that is America.

That is the TRUE audacity of hope, Mr. President, and my fight is against everything you stand for, and the mediocrity you wish to impose. I will not give up, for I know the true meaning of hope. I want to revert to the America I grew up loving, not to change it to just another country with the values skewed by human failure. We are arrogantly proud. I believe we have earned the right to be. I don’t think we should change that arrogance, but yet proclaim why our arrogance is justified.



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