July 10, 2009

This is something that has been on my mind…and so…of course…I feel the need to blog about it.

The far right, which I am proud to call myself a part of, need to be very careful of something that some of us are doing.  Sensationalism.  I have seen many tweets, blogs, and comments claiming certain things that are just not fair, right or good. When we sensationalize the events that are going on right now…we take our credibility and minimize it to just claims of unsubstantiated craziness.  We are all angry and outraged at the direction our country is headed in.  We are scared, shocked and feeling helpless at the sheer rate of changes being implemented daily.  But when we say things that are sensationalized then we take our outrage and make it something that the left cannot understand.

I in no way think we should bend our beliefs to appease the left.  But if we construct our arguments in an educated and fair way…they have so much more of an impact.  Do we need to vent?  Sure!  Do we need to get our frustrations out?  Of course!  Do we need to call our Country’s President the Anti-Christ?  No.

Let me show your examples of things we do not need to say.

Ali Bama is a Muslim Marxist.  Soon stoning women will be legal and they’ll be taxed if they scream.

Charles Manson Joins Team Obama to head up door-2-door census Will work with ACORN Criminals.

The easy part is getting Obama to Africa. The hard part is figuring out how to keep him there where he belongs.

Obama speaks in Eqypt.  Wonder if he invited his real father, although Satans schedule is quite busy.

Obama’s father didn’t abandon him, we killed him in WWII, just amazing Ava Braun and Hitler gave birth to a black man.

Are we sure Obama doesn’t agree with gay marriage? Oh, that’s a woman he’s married to?  Hard to tell.

Obama believes in partial birth abortion because he wished the option was available for the kids he has but doesn’t want.

Wow people, some of those are so mean, unfair, and just not right.  I believe Obama is ruining our country.  I think he doesn’t love America the way I do.  I think we are headed towards socialism and away from capitalism.  But saying we are going to stone women soon, he is hiring serial killers, attacking his wife and children…makes us just as bad as the people who did it to Sarah Palin.  Just not right.  Yes, speak your frustrations, get outraged, get angry….but don’t make claims that make us look like crazy people.

This is just my personal opinion….probably an unpopular one.



  1. I agree with you, Jen. And I can fully attest that even when I said “he is ruining our country” to my liberal relatives…they thought THAT was sensationalism. So, I believe that another way of being true to what is right is saying EXACTLY what we mean…and understanding why we believe what we believe. There are enough people who just follow what others say ahead of them out of immaturity. I believe that Obama is ruining our country by continuing the business of politics as usual, by rushing everything through, and by apologizing to the world instead of being proud of America. Those are opinions that are not cruel, and are based in fact.

    • Its hard not to laugh at some of the things people come up with. I fully believe he is ruining our country. Conservatives have always taken the high road and I don’t think we should stop now. You know?

  2. Hey, I’m with you, Jen. It’s similar to the false lawsuit list: there are so many facts to illustrate how bad the situation is, there is no need to make stuff up!

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