Shiny, Happy People

July 27, 2009

This post is inspired by a conversation between @darrwin and I on twitter

For those of you who think my opinion is unfair, unmoral, or negative….here is a list of things that you should know.

1. I am 30 years old. My opinion has never been popular in nature. Saying what is right, and speaking up for such, is never easy. I will never cease to speak my mind, and if that bothers you…that is your problem.

2. I disagree with the President on almost every issue. If you agree with him…I applaud your right to speak up for him. But if you get to agree, I get to disagree.

3. Stop saying I want people to “think and act just like I do”. Unless you are on speed dial in my phone, you don’t know anything of what I have been through in life. When you know me….then you can talk. I have never wanted people to be like me, or think like me, without their own beliefs. If you believe I am trying to coerce people into believing what I do, and then you argue I am wrong and tell me how I should be different…who is coercing? Me saying whats on my mind in a blog or you reading such blog and telling me I need to change my ways? You are the manipulator. Not I.

4. I hate no one. Hate is one of the strongest emotions, like love. I hold them in the same regard. You have to deeply know someone inside and out to know that you love them. Same goes with hate.

5. I am no victim. A victim is : one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent (I do not let others opinions affect me): as a one that is injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions (The words of people who dislike me will never destroy me. Adversity creates strength…not despair) one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment (people who feel oppressed or mistreated think the world owes them something. I decide my own fate with the help of God.) or one that is tricked or duped (My beliefs are based on deep reasearch and soul searching. If I was not firm in those beliefs it might be easy to trick me…but I am not.)

6. The fate of my country IS PERSONAL! I hate, hate, hate, HATE it when people say…its just politics its nothing personal. BULL! I take the killing of babies personally. I take the policies regarding the military personally. I take Obama saying this nation is not a Christian nation personally. When issues are close to my heart, it affects me personally. Your words do not carry the weight to hurt me, but do not deny they are directed at me.

7. The only person whose judgment matters to me is God.

I refuse to act oblivious and put on a smile to promote a false sense of contentment in a country I believe is being slowly destroyed. Shiny happy people are everywhere as the song says, and if they are mindlessly believing our country is peachy keen…then it is my responsibility to speak for what is good and moral.

If I didn’t stand for something, I would fall for anything, and your words are attempting to make me trip and fall. I believe I just used over 500 words to say what I could have said in 13.

You accidentally mistook me for someone who cares what you think of me.


  1. Thank you for presenting a firm case,as an author, the of words required to make a pont IS WHY GOD gave us language=called communication..with potential nominees soon to come forth.perhaps we need to suggest folks who will bring forth a freshness,AND GET AWAY FROM GIVING AWAY ALL THE [FREE] AD TIME FOR OUR OPPOPNENTS.;??What would happen Jen,if just for one{1} week we DON’T even mention the other sides names…put some thought to it,, {PS} Hows Amber,,Still haven’t received an answer>>LIKE YOU ..IWILL CONTINUE TO WRITE ALLEGORIES,,THAT REQUIRE,,SEARCHING UNDERNEATH FOR THE TRUTH..GOD BLESS YOU>..Mike

  2. “You accidentally mistook me for someone who cares what you think of me.”

    –You’ve a strong woman Jen! So many of us wish we could be like you!

    “just politics its nothing personal”

    –EXACTLY– The fate of our country should become personal to everyone right now!

    Just a little something about Palin. So many have said that she will disappear as quickly as she came into the media. She has been in the media for a very long time! I love the message she shares!

  3. The battle lines seem to be drawn between those who are God worshippers and believe that there is a standard and those who are mind worshippers and believe that the standard is subject to change. This will not be resolved until the Second Coming. You’ve outlined some very valid points. To have reached this level of enlightenment at 30 is something to be proud of…as most (in MY experience) are still expecting Mama and Daddy (ie the Government) to take care of them. I say that you are respectful and as entitled to your opinion as those who take the opposing view. I had a family member just this past weekend tell me that she was hoping for a socialist society and I told her that she needed to pack her crap and move to France and live with our other sister. Wish they all would…and I do love my sisters. But, hey, that’s just MY opinion.

    • I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for the kind words. Let me know when the going away party for your sister is…LOL

  4. Exactly. All this is what I say all the time. Gets exhausting sometimes, eh?

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