Since When…

August 15, 2009

Since when is this….

worthy of more people advocating to save than this…


Since when is this….

believed in more than this…


Since when is this….

more of a priority than this….


Since when is this….


more popular than this…..


Since when is this vote…….


count the same as these…….



Since when is this death…..

more of a news story than this death….


I am not sure when these things became the truth, and I am not sure why people accept them without question. We are a nation of proud people, who have now let other people tell us how to think, feel, believe, and act. When will we say enough is enough? I, for one, say now. Now….not since when anymore.


  1. You hit it on the nail, accepting without question! It isn’t just the Democrats either, for too long Republicans have simply accepted a great deal of things, like the march toward socialism because it feels good and the accepting of the failings of our leaders because it wins elections, all without question.

    YOU are one of the people saying, NO MORE, and not holding back. If enough of us do it, I still am not sure we will shake up the status quo for the majority, but at least we will know we lived in the dream of our founders both religious and political and have the strength of each other to fill our lives.

    Keep saying no more.

  2. I agree we need to stand up, i love emailing and calling my reps

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