American Fault Lines

September 23, 2009

We all know about fault lines. They are the breaks in tectonic plates that when things shift a little bit cause the ground to shake above. We blame the lines for the earthquake and fundamentally that is an accurate assessment. Americans like to find the fault in events. The earth moves, we can point to the fault lines and say THIS is why. Is it always that easy though?

Nazi Germany killed millions of Jews in death camps. We see this situation and say, it was Hitler. It was Hilter’s upbringing and hatred for his mother. It was the greed and obsession of a dictator. But is it really that easy to determine?

The Titanic sunk in the middle of the ocean. We blame the iceberg. We blame the ship being too big with too small of a rudder. We blame the ship going to fast to turn. But is it really that easy to determine?

Pearl Harbor was attack by the Japanese almost wiping out the complete western fleet. We blame the Japanese. We blame not enough intelligence. We blame surprise. But is it really that easy to determine?

Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and claimed hundreds. We blame the levees. We blame the residents that didn’t evacuate. We blame FEMA for not responding quicker. But is it really that easy to determine?

We see our government slowly eroding our freedoms. We blame Obama, the liberals, George Bush, the CIA…etc. But is it really that easy to determine?

I could list tragedy after sick tragedy and the answer would be the same. No. It is not that easy. There is one common theme with this reasons I have stated though. They forget the linking reason. One reason that caused all the reasons for the disasters. Our inaction. We ALLOWED those things to happen. Hilter’s regime was made up of hundreds of thousands of Germans who let him do his deeds by not acting when it could have saved lives. The crew of the Titanic let arrogance and inaction cause their ship to slam into that berg. Pearl Harbor had the inaction of their commander-in-chief…you get my drift.

For our current situation, we can blame the usual suspects, but just like all the rest we forget the most obvious and blatant source for the events coming to pass. Us. We let it happen. We cannot blame Obama alone. We cannot blame the czars, or the democratic party, or anyone BEFORE we blame ourselves.

Not only can we not forget the part that we all play in this, we also cannot ignore the fact that if we do not change what we did wrong, that it will lead to more dire and more catastrophic things happening. No matter what role the other players have in this game, we had the opportunity, the means, and the knowledge to make sure it didn’t happen. We ignored our part in it and if we continue to lay fault without recognizing our own things will continue down the slippery slope that they are on. You must first look within before you look at the outside source of the problem.

Will you change your ways? I will. Maybe if we catch ourselves before the things get too bad we can avoid the horrible things that are currently in our future. If we cannot stop them, then at least we will be able to say that we did everything in our power to stop them.



  1. Over time a majority of Americans bought into the idea that government can solve all of our problems and this allowed the government to slowly erode away our liberty. In doing this we failed to heed the warning from George Washington that, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    Great post, so true. I hope we can change this ship’s course.

  2. Very true! Self-reliance is the only way to freedom.

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