A Bad Idea Is An Understatement

November 13, 2009

I, and most logical thinking individuals, are shaking our heads in bewilderment of how anyone can think bringing 9-11 terrorists to NYC for trial is smart. I was sitting here thinking of what I could compare it to in order to convey my idea of how bad of an idea it really is. Then, I realized, there is nothing that is a worse idea than this.

These people murdered 3,000 people in NYC. No registered voters in New York City did not have their lives affected and changed by the events that happened that day. Let’s just assume that every person that died in those attacks had at least 2 people that knew them, that loved them, and that were grief stricken by their loss. That’s 6,000 people. Now, according to National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every 4 adults are mentally ill. So, of that 6,000 people that were grief stricken, 1,500 of them are mentally ill. Remember that number.

Not everyone who was there that day died as a result of their injuries. Some were severe, some where not as severe. Estimations are around 6,291 injured. They are still alive, fortunately, but being there and seeing what they saw, imprinted those images on their brain, much like soldiers in war time. Like the previous calculations, let’s just assume 1,500 of those who were injured were mentally ill BEFORE the attack. Then let’s just assume, that the numbers are the same for the injured as with the military for PTSD which is 12.5%. So, that’s another 786 people with PTSD as a result. Therefore, 2,286 could conservatively have a mental illness of the injured. Remember that number.

Now there is two people, one being the MASTERMIND of the attacks, that caused or added to these people’s trauma. Those people have been in the security of a military instillation in Guantanamo Bay. Now we take them out of the security of that highly guarded area and place them smack dab in the middle of New York City.

1,500 grief stricken with mental illness
+2,286 people who have a mental illness and were injured
3,786 who have the motive, incentive, and opportunity to snap

Reports say that 1 out of every 2 people…and astonishing 53% of New York City residents own a gun.

Of the 3,786 people who could snap and kill given the right opportunity, 1,893 own guns. And remember people, this is a HUGELY underestimated number. I did not know anyone who died in 9/11, neither has my family, but all of us wish these guys didn’t breathe our American oxygen. AND, just last week we had the first attack on American soil since 9-11 by a Muslim Jihadist. There could NOT be a more deadly equation than this.

I am saying this now, and you all can quote me later, with all these circumstances, SOMEONE will do SOMETHING if these men step on American soil and any innocent lives that are lost in the crossfire….their blood will be on the hands of the Obama Administration. Plain and simple.



  1. All I can say is, I agree and I thank you for writing Most of America’s Feelings out simply and to the point. It’s the Worst Idea Yet.

  2. I agree, I couldnt have said it better myself. Sure hope for the best, but this doesnt look too promising.

  3. I understand your theoretical scenario, and just couldn’t let it go by. This is another example of unreasoned hatred of Obama… that this entire post made a lot of sense in your suggestions that this trial in NYC is a recipe for disaster… but then to turn it into yet another hate-speech against the president? I’m sorry, but that’s lame.

    Let me also provide the counterpoint. Is it not somehow fitting that the perpetrator of the greatest crime against America is brought back to the scene of the crime to stand trial? So what if 3000+ Americans nearby could flip out and provide vigilante justice upon this guy? F*** HIM!

    Remember Jeffrey Dahmer? He was finally caught, stood trial, went to prison… and was beaten to death by inmates, with a freakin’ broom handle, within a year. That is justice. That is small recompense for all of the suffering he caused… but it IS payback.

    By bringing this man in for a fair trial and giving him the death penalty and hanging him with dignity… is just going to make a martyr of him. He is going to die a hero in his countrymen’s eyes. But, if you drag him into the street, and make him suffer… well, at least you’ll have his dignity before the end.

  4. What you are failing to comprehend is that these men aren’t merely CRIMINALS like Jeffery Dahmer. These men are terrorists who have committed war crimes. These men are not American citizens like Dahmer. Dahmer was beaten and killed in prison but these men you are speaking of are being brought to New York because our Country has decided that getting information out of them by pouring water on their faces was unconstitutional. And once more for emphasis the Constitution they are referring to covers AMERICAN CITIZENS. So, we give them rights, we bring them here, disregarding all the feelings of the victims…..and then let’s say they face the same fate as Dahmer. Dahmer’s murderer was tried and convicted of his murder. Would you then in turn think it is right for someone to kill these terrorist scums, and then be sent to jail for it?

    Dahmer killed 33 people. These men killed thousands. You do not grasp that people like my husband are over there fighting these men, losing their LIVES so that we can bring them here, not ask them questions, and then give them rights? You are SERIOUSLY diluted. Seriously.

    Most of the time, I can see your liberal spewing and figure, oh well, here is another crackpot who doesn’t have any common sense, and excuse it. On this one, you are plainly and simply UN-AMERICAN and have no grasping of the severity of the situation. I hope and pray everyday I don’t get proven right, but your blantant attempt to make New York and America a target again is ridiculous and treasonous.

    I don’t say these things because I HATE OBAMA! I say these things because I love my freaking COUNTRY the one my husband freaking fights for every god damn day. You have no idea what sacrifice that is and how hard it is to do what we do to have it all thrown away by this administration. Think next time before you talk about putting peoples lives in danger.

  5. There are just so many silly items on your posts this time around, unfortunately it drives your credibility into the sewer. That’s not a good thing, when you hope to be taken seriously in the world of political journalism. Lets start at the top…

    ‘Waterboarding’ and torture for information is not, in fact, governed by the United States Constitution. It is governed by the Geneva Convention of 1949, in relation to the treatment of prisoners of war. Ergo, ANY argument regarding constitutional rights goes right out the window, as treatment of such ‘war criminals’ is NOT the jurisdiction of ANY United States law.

    Second, do NOT accuse me of being ‘un-American’ and suggest that I do not have love for our troops, simply because I do not agree with your point of view. That is the fallback position of the unimaginative. That is the equivalent of saying “I know you are, but what am I?” Rebutting that is not even worth the time I’ve spent typing it… its silly, and beneath both of our dignities.

    Third, I like the fact that you compare the meditated dismemberment and consumption of 33 people as LESS of a crime. The point is, you can only kill a man ONCE.

    Fourth. Diluted v. – To make thinner or less concentrated by adding a liquid such as water.
    Deluded v. – To deceive the mind or judgment of

    Yeah, i know. Blame Southwestern City Schools.

  6. Now I am in the world of Political Journalism? ROFL sorry babe, I write my OPINIONS on a free blog. I don’t care if anyone takes me seriously, least of not you.

    The Geneva Convention does not cover those of the Taliban. I know the Geneva Convention…as my husband is bound by it in the Military. But nice try. Go ahead and read those rules again, cause you are wrong.

    I can accuse you of anything I see fit. You ARE un-American and do not support our troops if you support bringing these men on to American soil.

    You have no clue what drives these men. Did I say Jeffery Dahmer was less of a criminal? I was merely pointing out he was killed in jail for his crimes, imagine what people in jail will do to this scum. You are a shining example of twisting peoples words to serve your own interests.

    No I meant DILUTED. You live in a world where nothing is important to you because you have watered down everything so that nothing invokes strong feelings. Like Patriotism, empathy for the victims, and your so-called-support of our troops sacrifice. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY DILUTED.

  7. And side note: Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, and Rudy Giuliani are all taken seriously in the world of “political journalism” and ALL of THEM agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with me. So, I guess if I ever did want to go into political journalism, I would have friends.

    OH, and ratings that exceed every single person that YOU consider credible.

  8. Ah, so i see! Its so clear now! Because these men are affiliated with a known terrorist entity, they are NOT in fact allowed to be extended common human courtesies! Let’s continue the torture! A man will tell you anything you want to hear, if you just take a measured amount of his skin off…

    And, realistically, What kind of a trial would you expect these men to be allotted? In enemy territory? At the scene of the crime? Judging from your previous posts, i would think having them on American soil to be railroaded to a swift hanging would be right up your alley! Swift and vengeful death to those who oppose! It lends me to believe in YOU being un-American, based on your blind, unthinking support of what been spoon-fed to you by Fox News, rather than Democracy, and the attempt at offering fair treatment to all.

    A separate point… Rudy Guiliani WAS a good man… it was his decisive action on that day that prevented the WORST from getting… well, WORSE. However, he too lost credibility when he joined the conservative march, and stopped thinking about his actions and just reacting with fire. Its too bad… I would have voted for him in ’04…

  9. “common human courtesies” Hmmmmm, well let me think. Would I hold the door open for them? No. Would I offer them to take my seat on the bus? No. Would I offer to help them across the street? No. Those of common human courtesies. Luckily, I am not the one deciding.

    Common Human Courtesies Terrorists Get In Gitmo:

    A Bed
    Prayer Mats
    Orientation to the East to pray
    Indoor plumbing

    That was the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. No skin was removed from these men. If you can’t handle being put in a room with a few caterpillars, or have water poured on your face, don’t be a member of a known terrorist organization.

    You have no idea what you are talking about as far as what I want from these men. I want them to tell us everything we need to wipe every single one of their little Taliban friends out of their terroristic endeavors. Then, when they have, kill them after we try them in a military tribunal.

    OH HE DID IT! Oh, I knew it wouldn’t take you long you cute little Red State Ohioan Liberal. It’s me! I can’t think for myself! It’s all Fox News’ fault! Come on, you can better than that.

    You always accuse me of “just hating liberals and Obama” but yet you just said Rudy Giuliani lost all credibility when he joined the conservative march. So, there we have it. You don’t just consider me incredible, but all conservatives.

    Well, let me speak on behalf of myself and all conservatives when we say, “So? Did we appear to care if you do? If we have falsely led you to believe we care what you think, we apologize.”

    (And if I was into being a dick like some, I would tell you its spelled GIULIANI and not GUILIANI. And while I went to Worthington Christian, you CAN blame Southwestern City Schools.)

  10. I know you are, but what am i?

    oh, and…

    I’m rubber and you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!

    Lets leave this one, i think we’ve BOTH stepped off the edge into the realm of incoherent shouting. I’m excited to read your NEXT post…

  11. “Some people without brains do a lot of talking, don’t they?” ~Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

    Yes, Scarecrow, I guess they do.

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