Let Me Give Thanks

November 25, 2009

It may seem to some that I am quick to judge, that I am critical, and sometimes pessimistic when it comes to the current tide of our Country. I want to take a break from my critique today and tell you not what I am dissatisfied with but what I am thankful for, this day before Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my Mom, my Dad, my husband, all of my family, every one of my friends, and all of you.

I am thankful that I live in Country where I can speak my mind and listen to others do the same in a free exchange of opinions.

I am thankful to live in America where thousands have given their lives to give me that freedom.

I am thankful to be able to give thanks to my God not just on Thanksgiving but everyday without persecution.

I am thankful to have been raised in a household where I was taught to love God, my Country, my family and myself.

I am thankful I have always been loved, when I see so many children who are not.

I am thankful I have never felt unsafe expressing my feelings.

I am thankful I have no problems distinguishing right from wrong.

I am thankful I can speak out against my government.

I am thankful I live in state where if I feel I am in danger, I can knock on a neighbors door and be assured they have a 60% probability of owning a shotgun. (God Bless Texas!)

I am thankful that I never take any of the things I am grateful for for granted.

I want to thank each and every one of you that give me your encouragement and love everyday. I also want to thank those that disagree with me continually the encouragement to keep speaking my opinions. I thank God every single day for the avenues He has provided for me. Never take anything for granted my friends, for we never know when we will be afforded the chance to do it again. Every day is a blessing for which we must God give thanks, and the people who touch our lives each day deserve our thanks regardless of whether it falls on a holiday or not.


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  1. Eloquently put. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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