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January 20, 2010

As some of you may be aware…lately there has been an influx of atheists questioning me about my faith in God. I am not precisely sure why, out of the millions of Christians on Twitter, that this group has targeted me…but I see it as a testament to my character. It makes me feel blessed and renewed knowing my faith is shining through boldly and brightly in my words. God has placed these people in my path for a reason and I gladly welcome them there.

So, two particular atheists…@BibleAlsoSays and @iComix ….have dedicated an rather absurd amount of time dissecting my every thought. @BibleAlsoSays has followed me for some time and while I don’t return the follow, I always respond to his comments. @iComix found me I assume through the first’s RTs of my statements. Last night, he and I tweeted back and forth for a while. The conversation ended in him blocking me (which was overly excessive considering I didn’t even follow him to be begin with and never had contacted him before LOL). He said repeatedly that we argued…but in all actuality he asked me tons of questions, I answered, and he mocked me. If this brought him some semblance of accomplishment, then I am glad I could be of service.

That’s where the normal hatred of my Christianity ends. Those kind of things happen to almost every Christian I know. They were not the first and definitely will not be the last. So up until this point it was “just another day in my Twitter office.” Then it became a bit bizarre. @iComix was so very upset I did not believe in evolution that he
1. yelled at me in all capitals “DO NO EVER MISREPRESENT SCIENCE EVER AGAIN”
2. Blocked me
3. Made a 22 minute video about how much he despised me.
*which you can watch HERE *

Some people might feel angry about a 22 minute video being posted as a result of someone’s hatred of you. But I mostly feel….accomplished and proud. It’s kind of a badge of honor is it not? I so deeply effected this individual’s life that he felt the need to share with the world that I believe in God.

My mother said often when I was growing up, “If being a Christian was a crime, and you were accused of that crime, and someone took you into a court of law to convict you…would they be able to present enough evidence to convict you of being a Christian beyond a reasonable doubt?” Meaning, of course, that the evidence of your Christianity should be blatant and irrefutable. That video was clear and concise evidence that I am a Christian and I am proud of my Christianity.

So, in conclusion, THANK YOU @BibleAlsoSays and @iComix for making me feel even prouder of my faith. Thank you for recognizing how strong I am in my beliefs. Thank you for questioning me, because without people questioning you, you may become lax in your beliefs. Thank you.

(P.S. I did get angry at the continued attacks on my character last night. I do have a problem immediately finding peace in the face of vicious accusations. I prayed last night for God to forgive me for becoming indignant, and also for Him to grant me the ability to take their words and realize they say them because they do not know His love. I also asked that He forgive them for their words, and that they will be led to one day serve Him and join me in Heaven.)

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  1. What morons. A couple of geeks who have nothing better to do than attack people for their faith. Truthfully, I’m not very religious but it’s behavior like this which makes me disgusted to be called an atheist or agnostic. Just because one doesn’t believe in something doesn’t mean they’re any better than those who do have faith. Jen, you should be proud; you’re a Christian and you’re not ashamed – and why should you? It’s who you are! You’re a great person, I love you and thank you.

    • Thank you for your support. It’s people like you that angry people need to model themselves after. Some of my best friends are agnostic or atheist. I base my opinion of people on the individual not on a group that they identify themselves with. Treat others as you would like to be treated right? I love you too…but YOU are the one to be thanked. You are a blessing in my life.

  2. Very nicely written. Congratulations on taking the high road. 🙂

  3. I support you 100% on this one Jen! There is civil discourse, and then there are people who resort to name calling. As I told a friend last night, the Golden Rule applies until Jesus needed to wreak havoc on the Temple to clean out the mess.

    God bless you!

    Also, I would like to add that there is scientific evidence that, I believe, supports the theory of natural selection. Dogs originated from wolves, for example. That does not mean that humans evolved from apes or other animals. We do not know how God in his ultimate authority and significance created this earth; we do know that the ancient Hebrews speculated in Genesis on a pretty dynamic perception.

    I, of course, do not take the Bible literally. I also believe the Bible is divinely inspired but fallible by human nature. However, the divinity of it is real to me, and that light is worth pursuing. So, I am coming from a different experience on reality than you.

    Peace as you continue fighting for your beliefs. They do not infringe upon mine, nor do they infringe upon atheism or the scientific community, unless the ultimate and all-powerful JEN decided to rule the world! 😉


    • I could not have said it better myself. I agree wholeheartedly. God Bless You Moon, and thank you so much for your continued support.

      (I don’t plan on ruling the world anytime soon, but it you so desire you may refer to me as “Princess of All Purses” and I wouldn’t object…LOL)

    • Oiy, humans didn’t come from apes. We came from a COMMON ANCESTOR of apes. Additionally, WE ARE APES.

      Dogs are also wolves.

  4. From the Sermon on the Mount:
    Blessed are you who suffer hate, all because of me.
    Rejoice and be glad, yours is the kingdom, shine for all to see.

    Thanks for being so honest and blatant with your faith. You are an example for us all!

  5. Oh, more lies. OK, you get quoted on FSTDT.

    • Notice how you are the ONLY one to take that stance? LOL. Tell me where I lied and I will apologize. Once again, we would love to have you join us here in reality. In reality, I thanked you and still you are attacking. I pity you. I sincerely do.

  6. Oh, and you have persecution complex. Get help.

    • I seek help everyday. I seek the help of my Lord and Savior. Not for any sort of your imaginary diagnosis…but to deal with people that make 22 minute videos about hating me. LOL!

  7. Wow. Listening to this guy now… Jen, you know I like to razz you sometimes, but I APOLOGIZE sincerely if I EVER sounded to you like this guy sounds. I applaud you for your stance in this matter… no need to stoop to name calling or derogatory remarks (though you do it to ME, that’s different!)… and I know how tough it is to HOLD that stance when you feel attacked, in the manner he apparently did.

    Now he’s talking about wizards? WTF?

    I do not follow your faith, which you know, but I also do not deride you for following it, and would expect you to call me on it if you ever thought I did. I don’t know if you do read my blog, but I invite you to do so (colorful language is to be excused) as I think you’ll see that you and I really are very alike in our own beliefs… http://angryman-offense.blogspot.com/2010/01/offense-recap.html

    • I know Nic. He is a sad boy. I feel sorry for him. Actually, I pity him. It must be hard to carry around that much hate.

  8. BOTH sides should have respect. I watched the correspondence between the two of them and sorry Jen you were just as disrespectful as he was. I would never know you had friends who were atheists considering how you blasted atheists and their beliefs and put yourself on a pedestal. He just took it a little farther than you did is all.

    Both sides should be adults and have respect enough to have a conversation or don’t talk to one another at all. I haven’t seen either side decide to put a stop to the bickering. As I have seen both have been egging it on.

    Make peace…maybe you can learn from one another…or just block one another…

    BTW I don’t follow either one of their beliefs, so not going to take sides at all.

    • I respectfully disagree. While I was called names, and was called ignorant, delusional, and a slew of other unflattering terms, I was adult about my position and wasn’t intentionally disrespectful to them. When saying “between the two of them” I am not sure which two you are referring to. As you will notice at the bottom of this post, I said I did get angry. I did ask for forgiveness for becoming indignant. And while there is no excuse, that was not the first night they did so for hours on end. I can call someone hateful without being disrespectful when in fact they express hate for me. I don’t know your name on twitter…I don’t know if you follow me or even know me, but if you would like to tell me exactly what I said that you thought was disrespectful that I need to apologize for, I would be happy to do so. I don’t feel the need to block someone based on their beliefs, and will always defend my Christianity and my character from vicious accusations. Please keep in mind, I do not follow these individuals as I don’t think their thoughts would have a positive impact on my life. As I always say, if someone is not bringing positive things into your life, there is no need to choose them as a friend. So, they are more than welcome to block me, as @iComix stated he had. But, I don’t follow him and HE contacted ME just to attack my religion with no basis for his accusations.

  9. Jen, I hope that if you ever talk to an atheist (or anyone else for that matter) again on air that you learn that it is YOU that is constantly interrupting him, he interrupted you 1 time for every 10 that you interrupted him. This was highly difficult to follow what is going on.


    • Listen again my friend, he would say “blahblahblah, right?” and “This is what Christians believe” or another false statement and say it was my belief. And I would stop him right there, because the basis of his building argument was not true. If he asked my opinion, then I answered, then he told me I was not feeling what I was feeling….why would I let him continue? He had obvious talking points that he wanted to get to, and repeatedly said “I want to get to that in a moment” but what he failed to realize was he was on MY show. I wasn’t going by HIS timeline. I was trying to retain some semblance of control over my own show. He was not about to get away with telling me that I believed something I did not. Since, I afforded him the same courtesy.

      My guest thought of me like a witness on the stand. But in reality, he is not in control of the show, I am. In that scenario, he was still the lawyer, but I was not his witness, it was my courtroom. I wasn’t about to follow his timeline, when he wasn’t listening to my responses.

      I appreciate you listening and if it was hard to follow for you I apologize. Maybe you didn’t realize that it was my show and at ANY TIME I COULD HAVE muted him so that I could respond properly to his questions, but I did not. I let him speak until he stated something untrue, then I pointed it out.

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