Scared For The USA

February 9, 2010

On a day in November
the Liberals got their way
Obama is now the President
And I am scared for the USA

He promised to give us hope
And make the terrorists pay
Instead he’s done nothing
And I am scared for the USA

He decided we needed money
To China he made his way
Now we owe them trillions
And I am scared for the USA

The people said no to healthcare
But he was determined anyway
To ignore what we really want
And I am scared for the USA

He has visited every country
And thought bowing was okay
He made us seem weak and sorry
And I am scared for the USA

When I say I don’t like him
I’m a racist is what they say
But really it’s just his policies
And I am scared for the USA

Secret meetings of Congress
Where Republicians couldn’t stay
He is sneaky and deliberate
And I am scared for the USA

So many people don’t vote
Even the majority began to sway
My Country is in ruins
And I am scared for the USA

I don’t want to be angry
Appalled each and everyday
It’s relentless and it’s dismal
And I am scared for the USA

So STAND UP all Americans
Say “Stop taking all my pay!”
if we continue to remain silent
Will you be scared for the USA?

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  1. Good poem Jen!

  2. You do realize that the trillions owed to China were already owed before Obama got to office, right?
    You do realize that being respectful of other humans and their culture is different then appearing weak and sorry, right?
    You do realize the current American health care system is awful and that implementing reforms would actually be cheaper then the current system which was last rated pitifully behind 36 other countries by the WHO, right? And that U.S. health insurance companies have the highest administrative costs in the world, right? And that the Japanese, with a “socialist” health care regime, though visiting the doctor three times more during a year on average than Americans, spend only $3,400 annually per person, right? (Compared to America’s $7000 per person.)
    Of course you don’t.
    You may be scared for the USA (most of us have actually been scared for the USA since Bush was elected a second time so you’re just a few years late,) but I’m scared for the human race as long as people like yourself continue to be so insanely narrow minded and ignorant of reality.

    • You do realize blaming previous administrations is getting old right?
      You do realize we owe MORE to China than before, since he decided we needed more “credit”, right?
      You do realize over half of the population of America is AGAINST government run health care, right?
      You do realize I DO know more than you and you are just showing liberal hate and blame gaming right?
      I never ever said the previous administration was wonderful and made absolutely no mistakes. The last President I was happy with was Ronald Reagan and I was 3 when he was elected.

      And honey, I got news for you. More people think like me than think like you. That IS the reality, and you are the one who is ignorant of it.

  3. There was a massive financial meltdown before Obama was even elected, and US debt has been increasing rapidly since 2001. Obama has not created anywhere near the majority of this debt – he inherited it. I’m far from an Obama fan, but seriously, to think this guy is the reason the US is building up debt is insanity.
    I’m not a liberal, so this certainly isn’t a matter of ‘showing liberal hate.’ As far as health care goes, I’m lucky enough to be a citizen of a country that does offer it universally. However, I would like to know why you think over half the population of America is against government run health care considering every statistic I have ever seen regarding the matter always has approval of it in the majority (most polls show percentages of low to high 60s in support, low 30s to high 20s against.) Hopefully you realize that there is a difference between wanting government run health care and supporting Obama’s depressing version of it.

    Oh, and if more people thought like you than I, then Obama wouldn’t have been elected.

    • All I got from all that jibberish is that you aren’t even an American. So to me…your opinion matters about as much as Kim Jong Il’s does. Your poll numbers are WRONG, your assessment of our debt is WRONG, and you have no right to have an opinion about a Country you are not a citizen of.

      Oh, and if you think people like you got Obama elected, maybe you should remember that non-citizens can’t vote. So, sorry honey. He got elected because he was the better liar. Hope you are enjoying your freedom…because no matter where you are a citizen of…I am POSITIVE the only reason you have ANYTHING is because of us. You’re welcome.

      • Well, you certainly just proved you were a Republican by simply claiming I was wrong and offering no evidence to support your own claims. I understand logic and facts may seem like gibberish to you, so I’ll try to keep this brief and use short words. Two polls I’m referencing were taken from CNN (http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/03/05/poll-do-americans-want-government-health-care-reform/?fbid=EwmxQBXUY56) and ABC (http://abcnews.go.com/sections/living/US/healthcare031020_poll.html) Where is your evidence again? As far as the debt goes, please see here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_public_debt#History) and do keep in mind that regardless of who became president, the debt would have continued to rise due to the stock market collapse. And to say I am not allowed to have an opinion about something – regardless of the reason – is outrageously against that whole freedom of speech thing you Americans are so fond of, don’t you think?

        If you actually feel that someone has to be an American for their opinion to matter, then you truly are a lost cause and terribly ignorant. Also, if I were to believe the only reason I have anything is because of the USA (to be clear, I do not,) I wouldn’t be thanking useless citizens like yourself. I’d thank the soldiers from WWI and WWII. Just because you were born in that country does not mean you will ever be entitled to the thanks that you have done nothing to earn.

      • Assumption central in that comment.

        Well, you certainly just proved you were a Republican by simply claiming I was wrong and offering no evidence to support your own claims.

        I am not a Republican, I am a Christian first, a Conservative second and a Libertarian third.

        Two polls I’m referencing were taken from CNN

        Yeah, um, right. CNN is totally not biased towards conservatives.

        As far as the debt goes, please see here

        OH WIKIPEDIA…it MUST be true then! ROFL!

        And to say I am not allowed to have an opinion about something – regardless of the reason – is outrageously against that whole freedom of speech thing you Americans are so fond of, don’t you think?

        I said TO ME YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MATTER. I can see its hard for you to add 2 and 2 so I will break it down for you.
        Free Speech is the freedom to speak
        Free Will is the right not to listen to the ignorant ramblings of a ridiculous morons.
        So while you exercise free speech…I am exercising free will.
        (For further clarification ask a five year old…they will be able to tell you what it means.
        You can have an opinion…doesn’t mean I have to acknowledge it or care about what you have to say. And yes, when talking about being American it does help to actually BE American.

        Just because you were born in that country does not mean you will ever be entitled to the thanks that you have done nothing to earn.

        And you know this how? You know for a fact everything I have done in my life? You know without a doubt what my husband and I do for a living? You know all huh? You know for a fact I was not born overseas and just gained citizenship? Why, my darling little Becky Wecky, I had no idea God bestowed upon you the gift of being omniscient!

        POLL ON HEALTH CARE: Click Here!


        Video showing Obama’s spending and budget: Click Here!
        That video explains it wonderfully for someone who has no clue what it means to be intelligent.

        And here is one more link you should read: Click Here!

        If I am “truly ignorant” and a “lost cause” why is your Anti-American ridiculous butt taking the time to read my blog? If you don’t like my opinion (Hence it being unpopular with people like yourself) then don’t read it and feel the need to comment.

        OH and one more thing, my husband has been deployed and away from me for 17 months…I am a Navy wife and everyone in my family has been life long military members.

        In closing my darling Becky, do this for yourself.

        1. Go to Lowe’s and buy duct tape (get a pretty color like pink to make it better)
        2. Go home.
        3. Sit on the floor Indian style
        4. Take duct tape and tear off a large piece
        5. Place tape over mouth
        6. Leave there until I tell you I care what you have to say.

  4. I do not care about your religion. All it proves to do is further the point that you are not very intelligent. It has nothing to do with our discussion. (YOU claimed I was a Republican…I corrected you. I didn’t say anything about my religion effecting this conversation.)

    Of course that is your response to the CNN poll. So absurd. I also pointed you to another ABC poll, or will you claim that is biased too? (NOOOOOO not at alllllllllllllllll! It’s not like they aired an infomercial about health care and refused to let our side air a commercial during it. No bias there!)

    Wikipedia simply offered the clearest chart (something easy for someone like yourself) however the same data can be found on the US treasury website here (http://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/NPGateway). So yes, it is in fact quite true. And again, whoever was elected would have had to deal with increasing debt because of the economic situation. (Let’s break it down. We had tons of debt. He got elected. He has been in office for a year and tripled it. Soooooooooooooo, yeah. That’s all him, Princess.)

    Just because you’re the spouse of someone in the military today doesn’t mean you deserve credit for something done by the American military decades ago. (Daughter of a Air Force translator, Granddaughter of a WWII Army Infantry, Daughter in law to a 28 year enlisted Navy Chief, Sister to a Navy Airmen, Sister to another Navy mechanic, Granddaughter in law to a WWII Navy Shipman, Granddaughter in law to one of the first original WAVES members.. Don’t tell me I don’t have the right. YOU don’t. The only reason you speak English is because of people like my family. I have every right to claim credit….and I do.)

    And apparently you missed my statement that support for government run health care (which my polls address) is entirely different from supporting the crap Obama is trying to pass (which is what your polls address.) None of the data given there has to do with whether or not American’s would prefer universal health care to what they have now. Try again. Read it again honey. Obama is trying to pass universal health care. Duh. So if we reject what he is offering and every other plan on the table the conclusion is????? RIGHT! We don’t want health care like you. Otherwise where would Canadian officials would have no where to go to get better treatment. You are completely dense to think we want government (who bankrupted social security, and working on doing the same to Medicaid and Medicare) to run our health care. And again…that’s MY government…not yours.)

    The only reason I ended up at this blog is a series of unfortunate searches on google. I really only read this one post, and it was so ridiculous I couldn’t resist replying. I did not believe for a second that showing you facts would change your mind, however at least it requires you to do a little more research. (ROFL um, it was a poem first of all. Second of all, I research plenty…hence me knowing more than you. It’s easier for me to talk about American things…you know, since I am one? When you are an American…come back and let me know…so I can school you on how we do stuff.)

    • Rebecca replied to this comment but unfortunately could not use appropriate language and common courtesy. So, in case you are wondering what she said…it was blahblahblah Liberal dribble Blah blah blah name calling blah blah blah curse word….lather, rinse, repeat.

      • OH and btw, your IP address told me you were Canadian. It gives me that information alongside your comments. Cogeco Cable. So, how’s Danny Williams? Alive? You’re welcome.

      • Visiting Canada does not mean I am a citizen, darling.
        And another comment deleted. How droll.

      • For someone who thinks I am not worth their time…you sure are spending a lot of it on me!

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