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August 24, 2009

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Role Model of Disgrace

July 26, 2009

I don’t have kids but if I did…there are things that I would make sure they knew from a early age. I also expect, no rather demand, that people who are in the spotlight as a role model for children set an example for what is good, right, moral and just. Here are some of the qualities I wish to instill in my children, and of the children who are loved by me.

1. Always speak up for right. Back your friends when they’re right. Never let anyone make you feel like being a good person is a bad thing.

2. You are not entitled to anything but life, the freedom to follow God, and to reap the benefits of your labor. If you feel like someone owes you something, it should be based on your merits alone…not anything else.

3. Be a gracious and generous person. Do it for the reward of enriching people’s lives. If someone tells you that you have to be charitable, then it is not charity at all but yet a command you follow.

4. If something happens, you are scared, and cannot reach your parents, find a police officer. Most all police officers are awesome at protecting people.

Just to name a few.

Now let’s review what President Obama is teaching the youth of America.

1. Do not make waves. If someone is doing something that’s not right, remember it is their problem not yours.

2. Based on your skin color, social economic background, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation you are entitled to more than people who, as the majority, receive more than yourself. Merit is inconsequential.

3. You must help other people even if you feel they don’t deserve it. Do not give for the joy of giving, but for the fact you must.

4. Police Officers are stupid, or act stupidly. If a cop sees a person breaking into a house…they are required to do nothing…in fear of making someone angry.

#4 on both lists of course refer to the Gates controversy. I think its is UNIMAGINABLE that the leader of the free world would side against police officers, but not the government of Iran! How horrible. He just told the entire nation, including our children, that police officers are racist, judgmental, and liars. Role Model? Yes role model of disgrace.

By saying the police acted “stupidly” he is perpetrating a stereotype that undermines the authority of our police force. What is that telling our children? Better yet, by insinuating the police were racist….he is discouraging equality. I believe if people stopped thinking about race so much the world would be a better place. If you were locked out of your house and tried to break into it…wouldn’t you feel blessed that the police had the best interests of your home at heart? Imagine it was a burglar. Gates would be ecstatic the police responded so quickly and apprehended the suspect.

I feel sorry for the youth of America. Their President is a horrible role model. Their Congress is full of moron crooks. Who can they believe in? Without God and parental guidance our children are susceptible to feeling lost, unloved, and weary of truthfulness and honesty.

Next time Mr. President…remember…with childlike faith our young believe in you. I will pray you find the strength to better yourself into a role model for excellence….and not the opposite.


Red, White and Blue Memories

July 3, 2009


I’ve always loved the 4th of July, no big shocker there. I am sure you could all probably guess that outspoken Conservative Girl Jen likes waving around a flag and singing about the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. I wish there were more moments during the year when we all collectively remember how proud we are to be American. I also think it is sad that the only time I remember it happening for more than just this one day a year, was after September 11, 2001. I think we should be more patriotic year round.

But, there are moments in all our lives , where at random intervals, I have felt a surge of patriotism. Here are some of my favorites. I am not going to number them, because they are each special in their own way. Enjoy.

  • When we were stationed in San Diego, CA the ship that my husband was attached to went out for a six-month deployment.  He was, at the time, stationed with a Diver Unit and didn’t go on the deployment.  All of my friends, however, were either stationed on the ship or their husbands were.  It was the first time I experienced watching the boys leave.  I was there purely to be an emotional support for my girls.  The ship was on one of the piers on 32nd Street Base.  It was a fairly large ship, the USS Ogden, an amphib.  It had the capacity to hold 450 Sailors and 900 Marines. All the family members of those boys were standing on the pier…and it was saddening.  Little girls were crying as their Dads waved goodbye while walking onto the ship.  I thought that they would muster everyone, make sure they were there, and then leave, no fanfare.  I was mistaken.  After they accounted everyone was on board, all of the Sailors lined up at attention along the entire flight deck of the ship.  They were standing maybe 1 foot away from each other.  Right after they reeled in the mooring lines, they snapped to salute.  All the family members on the pier were sobbing, even I was and I didn’t have a severely personal reason to do so. As they got ready to pull away from the pier…they turned on the loudspeaker system.  They started BLARING Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA.  There they were, 450 Sailors, standing in perfect staunchness, saluting the salute that is unique to the only Country to never lose a war.  In barely coherent sobs every single person there sang along,  “I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I am free. And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me. And I would gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ’cause there ain’t no doubt I LOVE THIS LAND…GOD BLESS THE USA!” Even though I had heard the song a thousand times, those words had never rang more true that they did right then.
  • When I was 21, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida.and stayed with my Aunt Pat, Uncle David and three cousins.  My uncle was a tough guy, and a rebel.  I know he loved me like one of his own kids. We were alike in so many ways, the other kids resented me a bit for the friendship we had. My Aunt and him have one child that is biologically both of theirs, my youngest cousin Ben.  My uncle had served in Vietnam but also had struggled with sobriety for many years.  One day, suddenly Uncle David died, from a drug induced cardiac arrest.  It broke all of our hearts.  He was buried in a Veterans’ cemetery near the Orlando Area.  The funeral was so sad, and my little cousin Ben was inconsolable.  The VFW had carried out the military tradition of the three volleys (often mistaken for a 21 gun salute).  That tradition always  envokes a certain amount of shock, reverence, and bittersweet pride. After the shots were fired and the funeral ended, Ben ran over to where the Honor Guard stood, got down on his knees and was apparently searching for something.  I asked what he was doing.  He said with anger and frustration,  that he was searching for the shell casings of the rounds that were fired.  He could not find one.  For some reason in his young mind, those casings represented everything his Dad loved.  One of the Honor guard walked over and got down on his hands and knees besides Ben, who looked at him and started crying.  The honor guard saw the last casing in the bushes and while handing it to Ben, hugged him while Ben cried onto his chest.  He then looked at Ben and said, “Don’t be sad little man.  Your Dad died a hero.  He protected all Americans by fighting in the war.  Now, everyday he’ll be protecting you as your Guardian Angel.” I was so touched at his compassion for the son of a fellow Marine.  That right there was a personification of the words Semper Fi.
  • I have a friend Amy who has a little boy, Tristin.  When Tristin was just 2, Amy’s brother was one of the first Marines to go to Iraq for the shock and awe campaign.  Since Tristin was so young, Amy wanted to make sure he didn’t forget his uncle.  So Amy had a huge picture of him, in his Marine Dress Blues with a flag behind him, hanging in the house and would hold Tristin up to the picture and say “Tell Uncle Scott you love today and thanks for protecting us!”  Since he was 2, Tristin didn’t talk too well or too much, but always gave his uncle’s picture a kiss.  One day, the three of us went to the mall. Amy was driving and I was sitting in the backseat with Tristin.  He lightly tapped my arm, pointed out a HUGE American Flag flying over a car dealership and said, “Unc-ie Scott ‘tecting me!”  Through the eyes of a child, I realized he saw that flag as a symbol but I had never even noticed it was there.  It was a humbling reminder.
  • This one is just funny. I have quite a few nieces and nephews from my husbands family.  One of the boys, Michael John, is just absolutely adorable and never fails to say things that are just HILARIOUS.  He is one of those kids that you love asking questions to because he always says the funniest cutest things EVER.  One day, I was playing with him and his sister Addy outside during the summer when the Floridian weather was gorgeous.  Living in Florida though, was murder on my allergies.  I was constantly sneezing and having watery eyes.  Michael John and his sister usually have good manners (usually being the key word), calling people sir or ma’am, please, sorry, thank you….etc.  Well, I was having another bad allergy day and suddenly starting sneezing up a storm.  Michael John came over, put his hand on my arm and said “God Bless A-MER-ICA!”  I laughed and said, “I think you what you meant to say is ‘God Bless You’.”  He replied, “Aunt Jen you are silly. I can’t say God Bless You.  Your name isn’t America.”  ROFL!  Guess when your a Navy brat, you hear God Bless America more than God Bless You.
  • This represents both myself and my best friend Ambyr.  We both share this memory.  I think one of the best shows on television today is Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition.  They do amazing work, rewarding human kindness, and making a difference in the lives of people who actually deserve it.  That being said…the ones with patriotic themes (9/11 survivors, military heroes, firefighters, police officers, veterans) are the ones that tug extra hard on my heartstrings.  I remember one that was about a Marine, who lived in my hometown of Columbus, is a Buckeye, and a 9/11 hero.  Any one of those things would make me cry.  All of them together?  I was bawling.  Ambyr and I were watching it together…calling each other at every commercial to express our feelings of amazement over the strength and perseverance of that family.  The Columbus Dispatch said this:

Thomas was out of the Corps when the terrorist attacks occurred. He threw on his cammies and sped to the World Trade Center, where he, along with former Staff Sgt. David Karnes, helped rescue two police officers from a deep pit. After two weeks of helping at Ground Zero, Thomas left without looking back. He finally re-emerged last August, when he realized he had been portrayed in the film “World Trade Center,” starring Nicolas Cage.


Standing in remembrance of all the Brave Men and Women Of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, United States Army, The National Guard and the United States Coast Guard who have given their LIVES for the protection of the citizens of America, whose Independence we honor and celebrate today.



25 Random Jen Facts

June 23, 2009

1. I started playing the violin when I was three. I was so excited to get my first violin that I ran to the car, fell and smashed it. The place where we bought it from replaced it because I was so upset.

2. I only got in trouble once in my life. I got a teacher assigned detention in the 9th grade for chewing gum in class. I cried that I would not get into a good college if it was in my record and that it was unfair since I was only chewing gum since I had a sore throat and ran out of cough drops. He didn’t make me serve the detention.

3. I got thrown out of a voting booth in the 8th grade for wearing to much Dole/Kemp paraphernalia and trying to sway voters at the polls.

4. If Starbucks came in IV form, I would buy a lifetime supply.

5. My favorite thing to do when I am around extremely drunk friends is to choose that moment to show them I have dentures and watch them freak out.

6. My grandparents were missionaries in Africa for 48 years in Mali, Africa. My grandpa was once walking in the jungle, got hit on the head with a coconut, and was unconscious for 24 hours before someone found him.

7. I met Bill Clinton at the Iowa caucus in 1996 and told him I had never been more disgusted to meet anyone in my life.

8. For my 16th birthday, my parents surprised me and rented the local news helicopter to pick me up from the soccer field at my school and fly me to my backyard where there was a huge party. It flew me over the Horseshoe and downtown Columbus. They had originally planned on a hot air balloon, but it was too windy.

9. No matter where I am, not matter what I am doing, no matter how I feel, no matter who I am with…if Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA comes on, I will cry.

10. I ate my very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I was 25.

11. My best friend Ambyr gets excited for what she calls “Jen Story Time” where I tell stories about my life for hours on end. I do this with everyone…but she is the only one who gets excited about it.

12. I physically hurt people during Ohio State games. When it gets close and someone is running for a touchdown…I have been know to punch people repeatedly while screaming “GO GO GO GO GO” I do not feel guilty for leaving bruises. They should be worn as a badge of honor representing the complete Buckeye experience.

13. A judge in Ohio once ordered my boyfriend and I to break up saying “The amount of time, and therefore money that is spent sending police officers to your house to break up your fights is unacceptable. You are costing the State of Ohio too much money. Both of you are to stay away from each other.” We left the courtroom and got back together.

14. I once won 3,383 nickels on a slot machine in Vegas. I was highly disappointed that instead of getting actual nickels I just got a ticket with the money amount printed on it.

15. Growing up, every friday from the time I was in kindergarten through high school, my mom would hide a “surprise” in my lunch. There would be a note and a little gift. Anything from a cool pencil set, to earrings, to hair clips. My friends used to get excited for me to open my lunch on fridays. My Mom never missed a Friday. The “Friday Surprise” idea was tried by the families of my friends but none of them kept up for long. Hence, my Mom rocks.

16. When I learned of the 9/11 attacks I got in my car and raced to the Red Cross to give blood. I was denied because I am anemic. The day afterward, my parents made a huge bulletin board on stilts out in front of their house. It was the American flag on a gigantic piece of plywood with the words “God is our Refuge”.

17. My Parents, their town, and all of their dogs names start with the same letter. Bob, Becky, Buford, Barkley, Beatrix, and Bailee in Bruceton Mills. I am Jen. Go figure.

18. Everytime I see a military fighter jet headed away from land, I always say “Go get ’em, boys!!!”. I know that most of the time they’re not going to combat…but just in case.

19. In the eighth grade, we were doing superlatives for the yearbook. Officially I was voted most likely to succeed and most organized. However, my science teacher insisted that the appropriate category for me to win was “Republican Most Likely To Start The Next Watergate”. So, 75% of the student body wrote that in the margins of their ballots and voted for me. I proudly took the title.

20. My prom date got grounded the night before prom. The day of prom, my dad knocked on my door while I was sulking in my room, and when I opened it he was in his tux. He told me to hurry up and put on my dress and get pretty. I did. He rented a limo and he took me out to dinner and a movie so I could wear my dress.

21. I have always said I am a magnet for felons. Almost all of the loves of my life have had a record. When I was a leasing agent at an apartment complex, the FBI showed up and asked about one of the residents who had previously asked me out. Apparently the name I knew him by, was the identity of one of the five people he had killed in a bank robbery in Kansas City. We went to his apartment, I knocked on the door, a FBI sniper behind me if he had tried to run or hurt me. Luckily, the apartment was vacant and he was already gone. A year later I got a letter in the mail from him under another name telling me he thought about me all the time. I drove to the local FBI office and gave them the note. Still never found out if he was caught.

22. After my gallbladder surgery I was on a push button of Dilotid. I apparently called my mom and told her I had made out with a doctor that had mono and she needed to come and pick up my dogs. I then proceeded to call everyone in my phone book. When I got home, I called my best friend and asked why they had not called me the entire time I was hospitalized, to which they informed me they had talked to me at least twice a day. Moral of the story: Take my phone away from me if morphine is involved.

23. I was very politically involved in a campaign of a certain Republican candidate for the US Senate. His extremely radical liberal opponent knew who I was because I would attend his rallies and hand out literature for my candidate while he was speaking. On my first day of college, I went to Political Science 101 and was floored that he was my professor. He didn’t notice me for the first fifteen minutes. The rest of the semester was awful. He failed me because I argued with him everyday. I considered that a good thing.

24. I’ve been snorkeling in the Caymen Islands and learned the hard way that if you open the bag of fish food they give you while you are underwater…that the fish will try to eat you getting the food floating around your face. I also learned my father would then be laughing so hard at me being freaked out that he could not help.

25. I’ve learned that character is what you do when you think no one is watching. If I was ever accused of being a Christian Conservative in a court of law, I want the prosecution to have enough evidence to convict me beyond a reasonable doubt. I want to dramatically, passionately, unapologetically, compassionately, charismatically, and wholly live the life I was meant to.