Scared For The USA

February 9, 2010

On a day in November
the Liberals got their way
Obama is now the President
And I am scared for the USA

He promised to give us hope
And make the terrorists pay
Instead he’s done nothing
And I am scared for the USA

He decided we needed money
To China he made his way
Now we owe them trillions
And I am scared for the USA

The people said no to healthcare
But he was determined anyway
To ignore what we really want
And I am scared for the USA

He has visited every country
And thought bowing was okay
He made us seem weak and sorry
And I am scared for the USA

When I say I don’t like him
I’m a racist is what they say
But really it’s just his policies
And I am scared for the USA

Secret meetings of Congress
Where Republicians couldn’t stay
He is sneaky and deliberate
And I am scared for the USA

So many people don’t vote
Even the majority began to sway
My Country is in ruins
And I am scared for the USA

I don’t want to be angry
Appalled each and everyday
It’s relentless and it’s dismal
And I am scared for the USA

So STAND UP all Americans
Say “Stop taking all my pay!”
if we continue to remain silent
Will you be scared for the USA?

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Filed Under “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”

January 20, 2010

As some of you may be aware…lately there has been an influx of atheists questioning me about my faith in God. I am not precisely sure why, out of the millions of Christians on Twitter, that this group has targeted me…but I see it as a testament to my character. It makes me feel blessed and renewed knowing my faith is shining through boldly and brightly in my words. God has placed these people in my path for a reason and I gladly welcome them there.

So, two particular atheists…@BibleAlsoSays and @iComix ….have dedicated an rather absurd amount of time dissecting my every thought. @BibleAlsoSays has followed me for some time and while I don’t return the follow, I always respond to his comments. @iComix found me I assume through the first’s RTs of my statements. Last night, he and I tweeted back and forth for a while. The conversation ended in him blocking me (which was overly excessive considering I didn’t even follow him to be begin with and never had contacted him before LOL). He said repeatedly that we argued…but in all actuality he asked me tons of questions, I answered, and he mocked me. If this brought him some semblance of accomplishment, then I am glad I could be of service.

That’s where the normal hatred of my Christianity ends. Those kind of things happen to almost every Christian I know. They were not the first and definitely will not be the last. So up until this point it was “just another day in my Twitter office.” Then it became a bit bizarre. @iComix was so very upset I did not believe in evolution that he
1. yelled at me in all capitals “DO NO EVER MISREPRESENT SCIENCE EVER AGAIN”
2. Blocked me
3. Made a 22 minute video about how much he despised me.
*which you can watch HERE *

Some people might feel angry about a 22 minute video being posted as a result of someone’s hatred of you. But I mostly feel….accomplished and proud. It’s kind of a badge of honor is it not? I so deeply effected this individual’s life that he felt the need to share with the world that I believe in God.

My mother said often when I was growing up, “If being a Christian was a crime, and you were accused of that crime, and someone took you into a court of law to convict you…would they be able to present enough evidence to convict you of being a Christian beyond a reasonable doubt?” Meaning, of course, that the evidence of your Christianity should be blatant and irrefutable. That video was clear and concise evidence that I am a Christian and I am proud of my Christianity.

So, in conclusion, THANK YOU @BibleAlsoSays and @iComix for making me feel even prouder of my faith. Thank you for recognizing how strong I am in my beliefs. Thank you for questioning me, because without people questioning you, you may become lax in your beliefs. Thank you.

(P.S. I did get angry at the continued attacks on my character last night. I do have a problem immediately finding peace in the face of vicious accusations. I prayed last night for God to forgive me for becoming indignant, and also for Him to grant me the ability to take their words and realize they say them because they do not know His love. I also asked that He forgive them for their words, and that they will be led to one day serve Him and join me in Heaven.)

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SURPRISE! No, not really.

November 30, 2009

Being a person of marginal (at best) intelligence, I don’t expect everything in life to make sense. But in the past weeks, events have taken place that don’t surprise me at all. And I really have no clue how anyone else is surprised by them, or how they don’t make sense to them.

~ COUPLE SNEAKS INTO WHITE HOUSE DINNER AND TAKES PICTURE WITH JOE BIDEN: Not surprising. They were probably too afraid of making someone accidentally angry by asking the couple too many questions. Afterall, they could have been Muslim! And Joe Biden? Please. We’re lucky he knows how to find the White House. Although his daughter is rather apt at finding white things, especially under her nose. OH SNAP.

~CLIMATEGATE BREAKS AND NOTHING MAJOR HAPPENS: Silly Conservatives, scandals are only interesting when perpetrated by our side. Nothing EVER major happens when a Liberal does it. Case in point: if a Conservative shoved a cigar into an intern’s naughty place and then lied about it, I’m sorry was ‘speaking in definitions no one knew existed’, not only would he be impeached, but driven out of the Country. A liberal does it and is defended by every member of his party to this day. It would take a lot more than a couple of emails for the liberals to admit Global Warming is a scam. After all, the emails wouldn’t have even existed if the Wonderboy of All Things Warming Globally Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet.

~ IRAN IGNORES CENSURE AND SAYS IT PLANS TO BUILD 10 NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS: NO! Really? Ignores the censure? Has anyone ever NOT ignored a censure? A U.N. censure these days is the equivalent to a Mom setting a plate of cookies in front of her kid and telling him “Don’t touch them or else” when she has never punished him before so he knows he can eat as many as he wants with no consequences besides his own rotting teeth. The surprise would be if Iran complied with ANYTHING, EVER. They’re rebels with a cause, and that cause is to blow anything American or remotely Israeli off the face of the planet.

~ LIBERAL MEDIA ATTACKS YOUNG PALIN SUPPORTER AT BOOK SIGNING: No shocker there. She wore a t-shirt. She asked for it! Forget the fact she can’t vote yet! She obviously supports Palin and should therefore know every word the woman has ever spoken, and carry note cards around in her purse to be able to combat any questions she may encounter at a notoriously hostile venue like Barnes and Noble. Everyone knows, go to a bookstore…bring note cards to justify buying a person’s book. Well just last week, I was at my own Barnes and Noble and was going to buy a book on crocheting, but when I failed to answer a question on the article name of the first written reference of crocheting in The Memoirs of a Highland Lady in 1812 was denied my purchase. It was my fault for being unprepared.

~ ADAM LAMBERT CAUSES SCANDAL WITH AMA PERFORMANCE, SAYS HE’S NOT A “BABYSITTER”: Actually I am kinda surprised, or at least I wouldn’t be if I remembered who Adam Lambert was or cared. But after I googled him and the performance, and his subsequent statements, I wasn’t surprised. Another artist says “It’s not my fault what I do in publicly. It’s not like anyone under the age of 18 watches TV without their parents around.” On a side note, I am going to have to remember to ask my babysitters when I have kids “Do you plan on rubbing people’s faces in your groin and/or same gender kissing? If so, I heard that’s not babysitter behavior, but I was unaware until 2009 when Adam Lambert told me it wasn’t.” We all own him a debt of gratitude for that nugget of information. Until then, I was sure all babysitters did that if you paid them enough.

~ OBAMA JOKES ABOUT JOBS CREATED AT TURKEY PARDONING CEREMONY: Surprised? No. The only parts that surprised me about this whole ceremony were these two things. 1. Obama pardoned the Turkey without commissioning an independent council to determine the nature of the turkey’s alleged crimes that led to his detaining, then after the commission reported it’s findings, they didn’t ship the turkey to a U.S. court, giving him a public defender since turkey pay is minimal, full constitutional rights, and a jury of his turkey peers. 2. The turkey, whose name was Courage, was given to Disneyworld following the ceremony. I was banking on him giving him to PETA so he could then marry a naked celebrity vegetarian and they could live happily ever after.

So, what’s the moral of this post? When you have really low expectations for people, it never surprises me when they don’t even meet the lowest you expect.

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Let Me Give Thanks

November 25, 2009

It may seem to some that I am quick to judge, that I am critical, and sometimes pessimistic when it comes to the current tide of our Country. I want to take a break from my critique today and tell you not what I am dissatisfied with but what I am thankful for, this day before Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my Mom, my Dad, my husband, all of my family, every one of my friends, and all of you.

I am thankful that I live in Country where I can speak my mind and listen to others do the same in a free exchange of opinions.

I am thankful to live in America where thousands have given their lives to give me that freedom.

I am thankful to be able to give thanks to my God not just on Thanksgiving but everyday without persecution.

I am thankful to have been raised in a household where I was taught to love God, my Country, my family and myself.

I am thankful I have always been loved, when I see so many children who are not.

I am thankful I have never felt unsafe expressing my feelings.

I am thankful I have no problems distinguishing right from wrong.

I am thankful I can speak out against my government.

I am thankful I live in state where if I feel I am in danger, I can knock on a neighbors door and be assured they have a 60% probability of owning a shotgun. (God Bless Texas!)

I am thankful that I never take any of the things I am grateful for for granted.

I want to thank each and every one of you that give me your encouragement and love everyday. I also want to thank those that disagree with me continually the encouragement to keep speaking my opinions. I thank God every single day for the avenues He has provided for me. Never take anything for granted my friends, for we never know when we will be afforded the chance to do it again. Every day is a blessing for which we must God give thanks, and the people who touch our lives each day deserve our thanks regardless of whether it falls on a holiday or not.


Obama and Japan: The Untold Story

November 17, 2009

By: Adam Baum
Reporter, Hiroshima News Outlet

While all of Asia is certainly excited to be visited by the newly acclaimed King Of America, Barack H. Obama, his constituents back in America are practicing their petty American nature once again. While visiting Emperor Akihito in Tokyo, His Royal Highness Obama bowed deeply showing the respect the Emperor rightfully deserved. All of the America news outlets saw this bow, and reminiscent of HRH Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia, plastered it all over their newspapers and news shows.

What the American news outlets failed to do was get the whole story. Majesty Obama was simply bowing to a leader of a country who America, with no provocation at all, bombed in heart of Hiroshima during WWII.

Obviously, simply bowing down to our leader does not wipe away everything America has done to us in the past. Therefore, once most agencies had left, we got an exclusive look at what His Royal Highness Obama did next. Emperor Akihito was slightly surprised and suspicious when HRH Obama asked him to remove his shoes, but Emperor Akihito complied. Obama then walked into the next room, fetching a small basin of water and a wet towel and proceeded to wash the feet of Emperor Akihito. The Emperor giggled slightly when Mr. Obama exfoliated the bottom of his feet, but was ultimately happy with the smooth, un-calloused nature of his “tootsies”.

Next, even we were a bit alarmed when HRH Obama reached into his suit pocket and quickly brandished a straight blade razor, but we all relaxed slightly when he fetched a hot towel and shaving cream revealing his intentions. After giving the Emperor “the closest shave he has ever had, and truthfully the scariest”, we all expected that HRH Obama had completed his task of showing respect to the Emperor. But, once again, His Royal Highness surprised us once more.

His Majesty Obama presented the Emperor with a small wrapped present and a card. We were all tingly inside wondering its contents. The Emperor, in fear of paper cuts, told HRH Obama to open it for him. The card was revealed as a Hallmark card, with a sad forlorn puppy on the front. Emperor Akihito was delighted to discover when he opened the card, it sang the song “I’m Sorry” by Brenda Lee. Inside the small package, Emperor Akihito pulled out a small macaroni necklace, on a bright red yarn “chain”, and written on the individual macaroni were the letters spelling out, “AMERICA IS SO SORRY”. Although the craftsmanship left something to be desired, the Emperor was impressed with the message. When we later asked why it wasn’t gold or platium, but rather macaroni and yarn, HRH Obama responded, “I just found out my American Express card isn’t actually paid for by Americans, in an express manner, like I had previously thought”.

So, American petty people, please understand that while you may see His Majesty Obama’s actions as reprehensible, make sure you know the whole story before making your assumptions. As far as Emperor Akihito, and Tokyo, are concerned…His Royal Highness Obama is the BEST AMERICAN WE HAVE EVER MET!

*Disclaimer for Morons: This is not a real news article, and Adam Baum does not exist, but the Atom Bomb he was named for does. And we dropped it. In Japan. Which is technically an archipelago and not just an island like most people think. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


A Bad Idea Is An Understatement

November 13, 2009

I, and most logical thinking individuals, are shaking our heads in bewilderment of how anyone can think bringing 9-11 terrorists to NYC for trial is smart. I was sitting here thinking of what I could compare it to in order to convey my idea of how bad of an idea it really is. Then, I realized, there is nothing that is a worse idea than this.

These people murdered 3,000 people in NYC. No registered voters in New York City did not have their lives affected and changed by the events that happened that day. Let’s just assume that every person that died in those attacks had at least 2 people that knew them, that loved them, and that were grief stricken by their loss. That’s 6,000 people. Now, according to National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every 4 adults are mentally ill. So, of that 6,000 people that were grief stricken, 1,500 of them are mentally ill. Remember that number.

Not everyone who was there that day died as a result of their injuries. Some were severe, some where not as severe. Estimations are around 6,291 injured. They are still alive, fortunately, but being there and seeing what they saw, imprinted those images on their brain, much like soldiers in war time. Like the previous calculations, let’s just assume 1,500 of those who were injured were mentally ill BEFORE the attack. Then let’s just assume, that the numbers are the same for the injured as with the military for PTSD which is 12.5%. So, that’s another 786 people with PTSD as a result. Therefore, 2,286 could conservatively have a mental illness of the injured. Remember that number.

Now there is two people, one being the MASTERMIND of the attacks, that caused or added to these people’s trauma. Those people have been in the security of a military instillation in Guantanamo Bay. Now we take them out of the security of that highly guarded area and place them smack dab in the middle of New York City.

1,500 grief stricken with mental illness
+2,286 people who have a mental illness and were injured
3,786 who have the motive, incentive, and opportunity to snap

Reports say that 1 out of every 2 people…and astonishing 53% of New York City residents own a gun.

Of the 3,786 people who could snap and kill given the right opportunity, 1,893 own guns. And remember people, this is a HUGELY underestimated number. I did not know anyone who died in 9/11, neither has my family, but all of us wish these guys didn’t breathe our American oxygen. AND, just last week we had the first attack on American soil since 9-11 by a Muslim Jihadist. There could NOT be a more deadly equation than this.

I am saying this now, and you all can quote me later, with all these circumstances, SOMEONE will do SOMETHING if these men step on American soil and any innocent lives that are lost in the crossfire….their blood will be on the hands of the Obama Administration. Plain and simple.


You Know You Want To:

November 11, 2009