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A Bad Idea Is An Understatement

November 13, 2009

I, and most logical thinking individuals, are shaking our heads in bewilderment of how anyone can think bringing 9-11 terrorists to NYC for trial is smart. I was sitting here thinking of what I could compare it to in order to convey my idea of how bad of an idea it really is. Then, I realized, there is nothing that is a worse idea than this.

These people murdered 3,000 people in NYC. No registered voters in New York City did not have their lives affected and changed by the events that happened that day. Let’s just assume that every person that died in those attacks had at least 2 people that knew them, that loved them, and that were grief stricken by their loss. That’s 6,000 people. Now, according to National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every 4 adults are mentally ill. So, of that 6,000 people that were grief stricken, 1,500 of them are mentally ill. Remember that number.

Not everyone who was there that day died as a result of their injuries. Some were severe, some where not as severe. Estimations are around 6,291 injured. They are still alive, fortunately, but being there and seeing what they saw, imprinted those images on their brain, much like soldiers in war time. Like the previous calculations, let’s just assume 1,500 of those who were injured were mentally ill BEFORE the attack. Then let’s just assume, that the numbers are the same for the injured as with the military for PTSD which is 12.5%. So, that’s another 786 people with PTSD as a result. Therefore, 2,286 could conservatively have a mental illness of the injured. Remember that number.

Now there is two people, one being the MASTERMIND of the attacks, that caused or added to these people’s trauma. Those people have been in the security of a military instillation in Guantanamo Bay. Now we take them out of the security of that highly guarded area and place them smack dab in the middle of New York City.

1,500 grief stricken with mental illness
+2,286 people who have a mental illness and were injured
3,786 who have the motive, incentive, and opportunity to snap

Reports say that 1 out of every 2 people…and astonishing 53% of New York City residents own a gun.

Of the 3,786 people who could snap and kill given the right opportunity, 1,893 own guns. And remember people, this is a HUGELY underestimated number. I did not know anyone who died in 9/11, neither has my family, but all of us wish these guys didn’t breathe our American oxygen. AND, just last week we had the first attack on American soil since 9-11 by a Muslim Jihadist. There could NOT be a more deadly equation than this.

I am saying this now, and you all can quote me later, with all these circumstances, SOMEONE will do SOMETHING if these men step on American soil and any innocent lives that are lost in the crossfire….their blood will be on the hands of the Obama Administration. Plain and simple.


My New TV Network

June 9, 2009

I have decided that besides Fox News (God Bless Fox News) we conservatives are lacking in the quality television show category. In order to rectify this misjustice I have decided that we should start our own network, chalk full of awesome Conservative based television programs that would make us laugh and think…the way we all deserve to. As I stated, I love Fox News, but after watching it for hours upon hours as I have I realize that it has a tendency to make me sad, feel defeated, and angry at whats going on in the world around me. We need an uplifting moment once in a while!

The name of my proposed network is Broadcasting In DeLiberalized Entertainment Network or BIDEN for short.

Some of my proposed shows are as follows:

“I’m a Liberal, Get Me Out Of Here!”~ We set 10 high profile liberals in a high carbon producing slaughterhouse, run by a NRA, Republican owner, who has the ten commandments and the Constitution posted in the breakroom. These liberals must work at the plant for 3 weeks, for charity of course, and must at the end of the time, tell those charities that their entire winnings have been taken by taxes.

“Are You Smarter Than Nancy Pelosi” ~ We pit 5 children who are raised in a Christian Private School against Nancy Pelosi to see if she can score higher than any of the kids. If she fails, she gets waterboarded. If she wins, she has to admit to five lies she’s told in the past week. Either way, we win and get a great big huge laugh.

“Charm School: The Girls of the DNP” We take all the mistresses of all the liberals in recent history, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Rielle Hunter, Donna Rice, maybe Blaze Starr for kicks….just to name a few, and then make them all live in a house together while being taught etiquette by Elizabeth Dole. Fun times will surely ensue.

“Lost: The Crash of Flight AF1” ~ A drama where Air Force One, in a photo-op flying over the New York Skyline, is detoured and crashes on an strange island that has very strange properties. The cast, who bears a striking resemblance to the current occupants of the White House, have to fight for survival against their enemies “The Repothers” while trying to figure out their destinies. We get a telling look into their pasts in flashbacks, including but not limited to the ACTUAL birth of their assumed leader BaJack. No one has ever actually seen a record of his birth. Its the greatest mystery of all.

“Desperate Housewives of Pennsylvania Ave” One street, 4 wives, lots of drama. Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Mary Catherine Gibbs, and Carole Geithner lead crazy lives as the wives of some of the most influential men in Washington. But what goes on behind closed doors is even more shocking and stunning. Laughter and addictive drama are just two of the qualities these wacky families provide in this larger than life television series. Tune in next week to see who really paid for Michelle and Barry’s date to NYC last week!

“Bailout or No Bailout” Danny Bonaduce hosts as the CEOs of all major companies vie for the chance to win their piece of the American dream. There are 26 cases, all containing cash amounts from $1 to $32,000,000,000. The Bank Czar offers a deal for the CEO’s at intervals throughout the game. Watch out though, Rush Limbaugh has been known to make a guest appearance and call you out for not deserving your prize!

Now granted these are all works in progress and more are definitely up for discussion. We deserve the chance to laugh too! Let me know if you think of any good ones too! I am always welcome to suggestions!