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Death Becomes You

July 23, 2009

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me
It could be for anything
I didnt ask for money
Or a mansion in malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you ~Diamond Rio

We all know someone who has died. We go through stages of grief. We all know we would do whatever we could, pay whatever price, sacrifice all we had, just to say I love you one more time to that loved one. If someone had said to us, “You should tell her to die, she is a drain on the economy” I would go ballistic and inflict bodily harm on that person. Not only would I be angry at the insinuation that my love one should die, but I would be livid if my loved one had overheard their statement.

Enter Obamacare. In the enormous bill Congress and the Senate are trying to pass, there is a little clause. It states that a health care practitioner should counsel those on Social Security to end-of-life services. They should make sure the elderly person has a will, durable power of attorney…so on and so forth. This counseling should take place every five years. It also states that the mandatory death counseling will ‘‘(A) An explanation by the practitioner of advance care planning, including key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to.” That is so vague because of the scary implications here people. Basically, every senior citizen will be told, “You’re old, you are going to die soon, lets figure out how this can be a good thing for the both of us”. Basically, we want you dead.

I remember reading something similar to this once. I was sitting here and it hit me. That sounds exactly like another national health care plan from another country. Nazi Germany. Hitler had a bill called the “Action T4”. Allso called Euthanasia Program, under the Third Reich spanning almost three years, physicians killed 70,273 people. Hilter sent out a secret memo, on his own stationary where he said suffering patients “judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination”. The physicians then murdered those elderly people or mental patients. It was seen as an advancement of our species. Weed out the old, the weak, the troubled, and the dependent.

Eerily similar in my opinion. We look at Hitlers regime and think, how did he get so many people to go along with horrific orders and carry out heinous crimes? They believed him. Thats how. They believed this charismatic man was a genius, and would never lead them astray. We see this happen all the time with Obama. The country stays faithful to him. They believe the rhetoric that is spewed towards him while the rest of stare blankly at the television confused at the double speak and spin.

It all boils down to this.

Life is no longer precious.

Babies are dispensable, senior citizens are dispensable, the mentally challenged are dispensable. No one matters in this linear way of thinking. What is to stop him from saying your life is not worth anything either? We’re on a slippery slope to tyranny and all of us must realize the problem and fight it.

Knowing my tax dollars are going to fund abortions outraged me. Knowing my tax dollars are going to save a company that failed to thrive on its own made me angry. Knowing I paid for terrorists to leave Gitmo and buy a condo exasperated me. Knowing I will now pay to someone tell my Papaw he is too old and needs to die…makes me indignantly livid.

“Mandatory Death Counseling” should change its name to what it really is, “The Jack Kevorkian Plan”.


Obama ‘lei’s it on thick

June 27, 2009

Iran is still breaking out in protests, its young citizens fighting with their lives for the democracy and freedom they so richly deserve. A dictatorship ruled North Korea threatens to rain a ‘fire storm’ of nuclear power down upon the United States also holding an Anti-American rally where they speak their intent to blow America off the map. Congress is moving at lightening speed to slowly chip away at our freedoms and economy. The leader of the free world is aware of all these dire situations so what does he do? Well, throw a luau of course! Chalk full with a roasted pig (you’re welcome PETA), leis, and Robert Gibbs being ‘sacrificed’ in a dunk tank (is that considered waterboarding?).

When addressing the Congress invited to this festive occasion Obama said these words. “Aloha!” he screamed. “I wish I could have given you a trip to Hawaii. Given our budget crunch, we can’t do that, so at least we can bring Hawaii to you.”

HUH? WHAT? IS THAT A MISPRINT? No. Our narcissistic and pathetic excuse for a leader wishes not for the Iranian protesters to have freedom, or for North Korea to stop in their terroristic threats to our great Nation, but that he could award Congress…who undoubtedly does his bidding everyday…with a trip to Hawaii. Congress. The same Congress who yesterday voted in favor of the largest American tax increase in history with its egregious Crap and Trade bill.

Here’s an idea. How about instead of celebrating the Congress who is corrupt and flawed you celebrate with the men and women of our United States Armed Forces? How about you celebrate by standing up to the Iranian government or even the North Korean regime? How about instead of going for ice cream and throwing luaus you do something about the 9.4% unemployment rate that you promised would not rise about 8% if we passed that horrendous stimulus bill? WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING AT ALL????????

This is NOT a time for celebration. We are in a dire economic situation. Our deficit is one that we cannot sustain. You are adding more and more taxes to the middle and lower class that you promised you would never do. You, Mr. President, belittle, debase, degrade, demean, diminish, disgrace, dishonor, humiliate, lower, mortify, reduce and shame everything this Country stands for. I hope you enjoy your roasted pig…although its a bit of an act of cannibalism to eat one of your own kind.

We are watching….and we are disgusted.


HR 2454

June 25, 2009

This is a call to action for all! This is not a partisan decision…but rather one that effects us all regardless of political beliefs. Congress is voting tomorrow on the HR 2454 bill. That is the one you have been hearing about called the “Cap and Trade” bill. This bill in inevitably cost you more money. It IS a tax. It will cost you more on your electric bill and reduce an already weak economy.


Here are a few things you need to discuss with your Congressman. This new bill will:

1. Reduce aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) by $9.6 trillion
2. Destroy an average of 1-3 million jobs, every year
3. Raise electricity rates 90 percent after adjusting for inflation
4. Raise inflation-adjusted gasoline prices by 74 percent
5. Raise residential natural gas prices by 55 percent
6. Raise an average family’s annual energy bill by $1,500 annually
7. Increase the federal debt by 26 percent, which is $29,150 per person

It is time for the voice of America to be represented accurately by our representation. If you need to find out who your Congressman is and their number…


Remember: Congress is the voice of US. It is our duty to let them know!