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Its called Public Relations, Google It.

August 22, 2009

Ok, I have heard everyone from Fox and Friends, to Wendy Williams calling the PETA billboard distasteful, ignorant, mean, and vicious. I call it….Liberal. If you haven’t seen it yet, well, here it is.

PETA,billboard,save the whales,offensive,retarded,obese,vegan,vegetarian,animal rights

Come on people, are you seriously surprised? Its PETA. That’s why they do these things. They are known for their banned Superbowl ads, outrageous billboards, and offensive ad campaigns. They do it on PURPOSE. Its what liberals do. They are geniuses and morons in their own right. Let’s review their principles (if you can call them that) and see if you get what I mean.

PETA revels in bad publicity. They are like the kids of your friend that cry and cry and your friend placates them because the child does not see the difference between good and bad attention. When no one pays attention to you for doing good, then if you do bad and get the same amount of attention, you just see the end result. Attention. It is childish and pathetic, but it works.

PETA doesn’t care about human feeling. Their business is not in the feeling of humans, but in the feelings of animals. These are the same people who admonished their liberal god, Barack Obama, for killing a fly. They don’t see the feelings of us relevant if the end result is the end of suffering for animals. Once again, the ends justify the means to them.

PETA is not known for their emphasis on education. Throwing paint on fur coats= intimidation. Creating sex infused and innuendo filled Superbowl ads= shock value. Grotesque videos of slaughterhouses and meat factories= fear. Fear, shock, intimidation…these things are trademarked by liberal radicals. They feed it to the American public because of one simple fact. IT WORKS.

So of course they made this billboard, and because of it, all media outlets and myself now have talked about it and beefed up exactly what they were aiming for. We are talking about them. I call it the “Tom Cruise” tactic. Nothing better for business than a good scandal. Who cares if the whole world thinks you are crazy morons? As long as Fido isn’t crying.

Wake up world! Stop even mentioning morons like this. The only reason I am mentioning it is to tell you to stop! If you wanna get outraged about liberals calling America fat…get mad at the proposed Obama Administration sugar tax, and fast food tax, or nationalized healthcare that will delay help to obese Americans if they eat fast food. In fact, I heard Ashton Kutcher say on Bill Maher that he thinks socialized medicine is grand, but he doesn’t want to pay for Mr. American’s heart attack when he eats McDonalds everyday, three times a day. It makes sense to him, somehow. I should have to pay for Joe Blow who won’t work to pay for his medicine, food, housing, education and childcare…as long as he doesn’t buy Kentucky Fried Chicken. The intellect is dizzying. Don’t try to understand it. It doesn’t make sense.

But a side note to PETA, if you are relying on humans to save the animals…it might be a good idea not to insult them and attack their personal appearance to gain their support. Since 63% of Americans are overweight…more than half of us are mad at your insinuation. Since vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are also dangerous and unhealthy ( Unhealthy Vegans ) way to promote educated and healthy body image information! Ridiculous.