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Buckeyes and Ted Kennedy

August 31, 2009

There are two things in which I consider myself well versed in. Purses and THE Ohio State Buckeyes. I know that some of you may be thinking that politics should be on that list but I am not expert on politics. You may be thinking, “thats all good and well Jen, but what can handbags or football have anything to do with Teddy Kennedy’s passing?” Well, I will explain.

Sometimes in order to make my feelings known it is much easier to relate it to something I know better than anything. For this example I will be using the Buckeyes. Back in the day, we had a coach at Ohio State. His name was *bows head in reverence* Woody Hayes. He is now considered one of the greatest coaches we have ever had. His overall record at OSU was 205-61-10 which is a little over a 76%. Absolutely amazing. He was a Buckeye through and through, and whenever anyone says that what they really mean is that they love the Buckeyes and HATE anything related to Michigan. The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is not only the OLDEST rivalry in college ball it is also the most INTENSE. Woody Hayes embodies that to a T. In fact he rarely spoke of Michigan by name just as “that state up north” or “the team up north”. Michigan’s coach at the time of Woody’s reign was another famous coach Bo Schembechler. As much as Woody hated Michigan, Bo hated Ohio. They embraced the war with no-holds barred and often took things way too personal. It was NOT just another game on the schedule for them it was THE ONLY GAME that mattered all year. If either one of them had lost every game but the rivalry game…then the season was considered a victory. Woody died in 1987 at the age of 74, but will remain always as the greatest and most memorable coach in the Buckeyes history.

Fast forward to modern day. Our current coach is Jim Tressel is fast becoming one that equals Woody in record and ability to beat Michigan which in Ohio is really the only thing that matters. His main rival’s coach was Lloyd Carr and until last year they had met 7 times and only once had Carr beat Tressel in 2004.

In 2006, the Game of the Year became the Game of the CENTURY. Very few times in college football history have any teams ranked #1 and #2 in the polls met in regular season play. In 2006 this happened twice. First Ohio State vs. Texas…and then in November it just happened to be #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Michigan. Never before had our teams been ranked as such and the forecast was bleak for the Wolverines. Michigan knew that Tressel was prepared and they needed something to rally them. Something to motivate them. Something to try and forget what the experts were saying and beat the Buckeyes. And they got what they asked for.

On the eve of the biggest matchup of the year, mere hours before the game on the Friday before, the infamous Bo Schembechler died of a massive heart attack. Suddenly, the Wolverines were renewed! They were PUMPED! They had a mission and a goal. To win this game, the game that every Ohioan and Michigander waits for all year, for their beloved former coach. They were determined. They had the whole world watching as they entered that stadium with conviction to make Bo proud as he watched above from the clouds. To be completely honest, I was scared. I figured this rallying cry would work and that Michigan has just that oomph they needed to win. My father even said…”Just like Schembechler to die on the eve of the greatest matchup in our rivalry’s history. That’s just like a Michigander. What a dirty trick.” (If this statement seems insensitive or callous to you…you have never lived in Michigan or Ohio)

Well, when all was said and done, Michigan did not make Bo proud and lost to the Buckeyes that year 42-39. They tried hard, but let’s face it…it was still the same old Michigan team. Football games are not won by mere touchy-feely inspiration, but by actually playing football. You still have to score the points, you still have to break through the opposition, and you still have to face the fact that if you don’t stack up to the other side, you are going to lose no matter who wished for you to win on their deathbed.

By now you may understand the point. The healthcare bill is hanging on by a thread. Even the Democrats are starting to look out for #1 and what they need to do to get re-elected. They understand no bill that is currently proposed will be welcomed with open arms by the voters and that maybe now is not the time for reform as they have stated time and time again that it is. They needed something to rally behind. They needed inspiration. They needed a feel good dying wish mushy touchy feely reason for the citizens of America to stand behind. They needed a icon to stand behind. And they got it with the death of Ted Kennedy. Now they can say, do it for Teddy. Make his last wish come true. Don’t make his death be in vain. Don’t let the last thing Ted ever supported die a death like he did.

Well, like the Michigan Wolverine team of 2006, they can call their rallying cry, they can use his death as propoganda for the passing of this bill, and they can look up to the skies and say “This one’s for you TK”. But also like the 2006 Wolverines, its going to actually take a plan that is going to work to withstand us, the people who see past all the smoke and mirrors and see the truth. A bill that at its core, is just not capable of making a touchdown and winning the game of reform. Sorry Liberals, no matter what you name the bill, no matter how many different versions you put forth, and how many pages of incomprehensible nonsense you add, when push comes to shove….its not going to withstand our defensive line. But, I do give you credit for trying.

Ted Kennedy as a Michigan Wolverine