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Debating is bad for MY health.

August 23, 2009

Well, the argument rages on, and its getting old. No one on the other side is LISTENING and I am tired of the constant barrage of ignorant comments like the fact that I don’t want National Healthcare means I am in some way a sadistic heartless meanie head who wants everyone to die if they’re not rich. Its PRECISELY the OPPOSITE! But they keep on saying it….along with the same tired buzzwords trying to make me seem like a bad person, or morally corrupt.

I have a few liberal people in my twitter stream that although they are mean to conservatives in general are nice enough to me personally. I am going to go over a few of the tweets between me and one of my liberal followers. Normally I would call him out…but since he is a good guy…just wrong…I will not. I am tired of the same old points and how they don’t make sense and no good debate is held in 140 characters or less, so I will take his tweets and answer them in depth. Now when someone says the same things tomorrow…my responses will be complete and finite.

This all began because he said “The GOP dont give a damn about anyone but themselves..The De-Facto Segregation of Health Care” and “RT If Right-Wingers Get Their Way, 22,000 Americans Will Continue 2 B Killed by Lack of Health Care Each Yr” and “RT inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America’s Dirty Work”. I was sick of seeing it so I said a few things back and thus begun yet another debate:

LIBERAL POINT #1: more than that will die with no healthcare. That is a fact. If they don’t come to SOME kind of compromise… (this was in response to me saying thousands die on waiting lists in countries with Nationalized systems)

Ok, if I put metal in a microwave for 10 minutes it is a fact that it will be bad. It is a fact because I can prove it based on the research of me doing it prior. Facts can be proven or disproven on research. We have never had a national healthcare option before. You have NO EARTHLY CLUE how many people will die on waiting lists for care, for a primary care doctor, for tests, for medicine, for diagnosis, for the money to pay a private care doctor if the government refuses to pay for their care. You don’t know because we have no research to determine the exact number. It is a fact that people will die. The 22,000 people that are estimated to die from lack of coverage each year are greatly increased by two things, REFUSING TO SEE A DOCTOR, and REFUSING TREATMENT BASED ON FEAR OF DEBT! These people are not REFUSED CARE! They CHOOSE not to go into debt over it. Very few are in situations that hospitals refuse treatment based on coverage. No hospital can refuse you care based on your coverage. Anyone who has been to an ER can attest to this. If you don’t want to get into debt to save your life…then it doesn’t matter that much to you. HOWEVER, in Canada and Great Britain it is a FACT that waitlists are growing and there is no solution in sight. How many people die on waiting lists every year? One researcher said it best…
Claims about patients dying because of waiting too long cannot be confirmed or denied from
current research and information. This is a part of the sorry state of wait list information in
Canada and Britain. Even simple statistics such as deaths from different procedures, or deaths of patients on
different lists, are simply not available.
Sounds peachy. At least in our system, we have the capability to tell you someone died.

LIBERAL POINT #2: (in response to who do you blame, since liberals are all about blame) I Blame the GOP leadership & Rush, hannity, beck, Steele, etc. They don’t give a damn about me. And they’re not even trying..

This one made me laugh. Lets review job titles shall we?

Rush Limbaugh:
Radio Talk Show Host on the EIB network.
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Sean Hannity:
Radio and Television Talk Show Host on Fox News
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Glenn Beck:
Radio and Television Talk Show Host on Fox News
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Michael Steele:
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: To direct the party towards better leadership, if you are unhappy with his leadership, don’t be a republican.

You don’t feel like Radio and Television talk show hosts and the head of political committee don’t care about you? Um ok. Who cares? I am pretty sure Oprah doesn’t care about me and neither does the leader of the Aryan Nation, but they don’t have to care about me. If people are unhappy, they don’t have to do anything they suggest. If Rush Limbaugh tells me to donate 60000 to charity this year and I don’t…oh well. If Barack Obama passes a law saying I have to donate 60000 to charity this year and I don’t…I go to prison. See the difference? If you blame Rush, Beck, Hannity, and Steele for your problems, thats like me blaming Angelina Jolie for being prettier than I am and its her job to fix it. BARACK OBAMA AND HIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBERS ARE DUTY BOUND BY THEIR OFFICES TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY! Rush Limbaugh is duty bound to live, pay taxes and die, just like the rest of us. If you don’t like Rush, Hannity or Beck, don’t listen to their shows! If you don’t like Steele, don’t be Republican. If I don’t like Barack Obama, I still have to be American, and he still is the Commander in Chief of my husbands job. We kinda have to do whatever he says without question.

LIBERAL POINT #3: (this one was just out there) I saw the townhalls at ppl who called themselves patriots and all, but no one looked like me. I’ve fought for my community too.

No one looked like you? Can I just pass this one up? What does a patriot look like? Anyone look like Yankee Doodle Dandy with a feather in their cap? Ridiculous.

LIBERAL POINT #4: (two tweets in one point) millions without HC, without all the rhetoric, how do we help them? They need healthcare. All races. This should have happened alrdy. ok, what do you propose? Doing nothing is not an option.

First of all, LOL at me spitting out rhetoric. Ok, stop with race. Really. Seriously. Nothing to do with race. I don’t say it often….BUT SHUT UP! Who said anything about race? Oh yeah, you. Get over it.
Here’s what I propose and listen carefully since I am going to say this only (counts on fingers) well, 16,562,782,101 times already:
Get a job with benefits. If you cannot work, get Medicaid. If you can’t get Medicaid, go to the doctor’s and get in debt. If you get in debt and cannot pay it, declare bankruptcy. If you don’t want to declare bankruptcy, get a job. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Now, get out your pencils and paper and take notes on this last part because its the important part ok?

LIBERAL POINT #5: I’m a fan of ppl not dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. If that’s “socialism” then guilty as charged.

Finally, FIN-A-#($*&#($*&-LLY. We called them socialist in the beginning and it was like we called them Silly Billy Goo Goo Poopy Heads. We call them socialists now, after Brad Pitt said it was cool, and NOW its yep! Guilty as charged.
I understand you are not a fan of people dying. Neither am I. What you are failing to grasp still is that socialized medicine will kill people. Lets say your 22,000 people estimate is correct. Lets say all of these people per year die based on their checkbooks alone. Its not true, but lets just pretend. Lets put that number in perspective:

Every year:

43,354 people die in car accidents. Thats 21,354 people more than healthcare. Almost twice.

28,663 people die by firearm including gang warfare, criminals killed by police, and self defense. Thats more than healthcare by 6,663.

32,691 people die from poisoning, 72% of those unintentionally. Thats 10,691 more than healthcare.

30,622 people die from suicide. Thats 8,622 more than healthcare.

Suddenly, deaths due to healthcare seem not that large. Funny, here we are acting like people are dropping like flies. (excuse the pun, PETA). If you are not a fan of people dying due to not having healthcare, lets take on more important issues first. Don’t drive in a car, don’t be in a gang, don’t get shot by the cops, don’t get robbed, don’t ingest poison, don’t kill yourself. After you take care of these issues…the ones that really kill people…then we can talk.


Ideas That I Think Are Better Than National Healthcare

August 7, 2009

If you have never read this blog, seen my tweets, see the graphics on the sidebar, see the banner up there or know me at all, then you may not know how against Obamacare I really am. Its a horrible idea. How much do I despise this idea of socialized medicine you may ask? Well I will list some ideas that I think are better than its propsal. Remember this list is of things that ARE BETTER than nationalized healthcare.

1. Cleaning your bathroom with the door shut and a huge bucket of ammonia and bleach.

2. Asking a group of black football players if they know where the white supremecy rally is.

3. Calling the FBI and asking if anyone there knows the easiest way to build a bomb.

4. Go swimming in shark infested waters with huge bloody gashes on your body.

5. Putting a sign up in your front yard with your alarm code and a spare key taped to.

6. Spending the night alone, with no cell phone or lights of any kind, in the Waverly Hills sanatorium.

7. Going up to a cop in a police car and asking if he’d like to have sex for $500 or buy the pound of cocaine I have in my car or maybe a stolen gun from the trunk

8. Giving an infant a spray bottle of cleaner, a basket of rocks, and an open bottle of morphine pills to play with as you leave them alone to go the store.

9. Driving 10 mph in the fast lane on the 5 in the Los Angeles.

10. Deciding that watching the category 5 hurricane that is headed directly for your house from a lawnchair on the roof would be awesome.

11. Yelling on plane “has anyone seen a remote detinator for a bomb? I lost it!!!”

12. Going to the zoo with a couple of steaks in your bag and deciding to jump the guardrail to give them to the tigers since they looked hungry.

13. Riding in a car with Ted Kennedy, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton.

14. Cooking with grease in the kitchen when suddenly it catches fire, so you pour water on it.

And last but not by any means last (and my favorite)

15. Go to a pep rally on the University of Michigan campus wearing an Ohio State hat, an Ohio state jersey, an Ohio State necklace, Ohio State earrings, Ohio State socks, and Ohio State shoes then calling
your all of your best friends and telling them to call every 3 minutes after changing your ringtone to “We Don’t Give A Damn About The Whole State of Michigan” all on the day of the Ohio State v. Michigan game.

All of these are extremely bad ideas and most if not all would cause bodily harm, yet still in my opinion are smarter, more efficient, with minimal if not no cost, and safer than the proposed Obamacare bill.

National Socialized Healthcare controlled and run by Barack H. Soetoro Obama is definitely not the worst idea, but it dangerously close to it.


Death Becomes You

July 23, 2009

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me
It could be for anything
I didnt ask for money
Or a mansion in malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you ~Diamond Rio

We all know someone who has died. We go through stages of grief. We all know we would do whatever we could, pay whatever price, sacrifice all we had, just to say I love you one more time to that loved one. If someone had said to us, “You should tell her to die, she is a drain on the economy” I would go ballistic and inflict bodily harm on that person. Not only would I be angry at the insinuation that my love one should die, but I would be livid if my loved one had overheard their statement.

Enter Obamacare. In the enormous bill Congress and the Senate are trying to pass, there is a little clause. It states that a health care practitioner should counsel those on Social Security to end-of-life services. They should make sure the elderly person has a will, durable power of attorney…so on and so forth. This counseling should take place every five years. It also states that the mandatory death counseling will ‘‘(A) An explanation by the practitioner of advance care planning, including key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to.” That is so vague because of the scary implications here people. Basically, every senior citizen will be told, “You’re old, you are going to die soon, lets figure out how this can be a good thing for the both of us”. Basically, we want you dead.

I remember reading something similar to this once. I was sitting here and it hit me. That sounds exactly like another national health care plan from another country. Nazi Germany. Hitler had a bill called the “Action T4”. Allso called Euthanasia Program, under the Third Reich spanning almost three years, physicians killed 70,273 people. Hilter sent out a secret memo, on his own stationary where he said suffering patients “judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination”. The physicians then murdered those elderly people or mental patients. It was seen as an advancement of our species. Weed out the old, the weak, the troubled, and the dependent.

Eerily similar in my opinion. We look at Hitlers regime and think, how did he get so many people to go along with horrific orders and carry out heinous crimes? They believed him. Thats how. They believed this charismatic man was a genius, and would never lead them astray. We see this happen all the time with Obama. The country stays faithful to him. They believe the rhetoric that is spewed towards him while the rest of stare blankly at the television confused at the double speak and spin.

It all boils down to this.

Life is no longer precious.

Babies are dispensable, senior citizens are dispensable, the mentally challenged are dispensable. No one matters in this linear way of thinking. What is to stop him from saying your life is not worth anything either? We’re on a slippery slope to tyranny and all of us must realize the problem and fight it.

Knowing my tax dollars are going to fund abortions outraged me. Knowing my tax dollars are going to save a company that failed to thrive on its own made me angry. Knowing I paid for terrorists to leave Gitmo and buy a condo exasperated me. Knowing I will now pay to someone tell my Papaw he is too old and needs to die…makes me indignantly livid.

“Mandatory Death Counseling” should change its name to what it really is, “The Jack Kevorkian Plan”.