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The Bells Are Ringing…

July 2, 2009

(This is a speech that I wrote…and discarded…for my July 4th Tea Party speech. Its an ok speech…just not appropriate for the venue and theme of which I wanted to convey. So I just posted it here instead…LOL)

A thought occurred to me the other day. I was thinking about bells. And no not the department store although I am long overdue for a new pair of jeans….I was thinking about the importance bells play in our lives. In the morning, I awake to the ring of my alarm clock…symbolizing the bringing of a new day. I am alerted by my phone by a tiny ding that someone needs my attention in the form of a text message. I have a bell that rings that reminds me to take out the trash every Tuesday. I also have a very important bell that chimes when I am low on gas in my car…and for whoever invented that bell…I sincerely give you my thanks. But these are bells we all hear. They remind us, they alert us, they awaken us, and they grab our attention.

Inscribed on a bell in Pennsylvania are the words….Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof. The Liberty Bell was the symbol for the American Revolution and it rang to remind us freedom is an inalienable right…to alert us our responsibility to defend that right… awaken us to the dawning of freedom from tyranny….and to grab our attention that this fight was for the creation of a land in which people live free.

My husband is in the United States Navy. He is currently in an undisclosed location on his ship. The bells he hears carry a different tone. His bells remind him that freedom is not free, they ring to alert him of imminent danger, they awaken him from his few hours of precious sleep when a threat arises, and they grab his attention to protect the nation in which he would willingly give his life to protect.

The bells are ringing all around us. They ring for us to remember those that have died in protection of our freedom. They ring to alert us that the fight for freedom is one that is fought everyday even if we don’t see it, to awaken us from the slumber that we the silent majority have been in, to grab our attention. Let once again the chime of them ring throughout the land the call of freedom and to remember the men and women of our United States Military….who fight to keep the resounding ring of freedom alive in this great nation. I am honored to call myself a citizen of the United States of America. Today we remember that bell, that 233 years ago, rang to proclaim our independence, to which we are shameless and boldly proud of.

God Bless the U.S.A.