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SURPRISE! No, not really.

November 30, 2009

Being a person of marginal (at best) intelligence, I don’t expect everything in life to make sense. But in the past weeks, events have taken place that don’t surprise me at all. And I really have no clue how anyone else is surprised by them, or how they don’t make sense to them.

~ COUPLE SNEAKS INTO WHITE HOUSE DINNER AND TAKES PICTURE WITH JOE BIDEN: Not surprising. They were probably too afraid of making someone accidentally angry by asking the couple too many questions. Afterall, they could have been Muslim! And Joe Biden? Please. We’re lucky he knows how to find the White House. Although his daughter is rather apt at finding white things, especially under her nose. OH SNAP.

~CLIMATEGATE BREAKS AND NOTHING MAJOR HAPPENS: Silly Conservatives, scandals are only interesting when perpetrated by our side. Nothing EVER major happens when a Liberal does it. Case in point: if a Conservative shoved a cigar into an intern’s naughty place and then lied about it, I’m sorry was ‘speaking in definitions no one knew existed’, not only would he be impeached, but driven out of the Country. A liberal does it and is defended by every member of his party to this day. It would take a lot more than a couple of emails for the liberals to admit Global Warming is a scam. After all, the emails wouldn’t have even existed if the Wonderboy of All Things Warming Globally Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet.

~ IRAN IGNORES CENSURE AND SAYS IT PLANS TO BUILD 10 NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS: NO! Really? Ignores the censure? Has anyone ever NOT ignored a censure? A U.N. censure these days is the equivalent to a Mom setting a plate of cookies in front of her kid and telling him “Don’t touch them or else” when she has never punished him before so he knows he can eat as many as he wants with no consequences besides his own rotting teeth. The surprise would be if Iran complied with ANYTHING, EVER. They’re rebels with a cause, and that cause is to blow anything American or remotely Israeli off the face of the planet.

~ LIBERAL MEDIA ATTACKS YOUNG PALIN SUPPORTER AT BOOK SIGNING: No shocker there. She wore a t-shirt. She asked for it! Forget the fact she can’t vote yet! She obviously supports Palin and should therefore know every word the woman has ever spoken, and carry note cards around in her purse to be able to combat any questions she may encounter at a notoriously hostile venue like Barnes and Noble. Everyone knows, go to a bookstore…bring note cards to justify buying a person’s book. Well just last week, I was at my own Barnes and Noble and was going to buy a book on crocheting, but when I failed to answer a question on the article name of the first written reference of crocheting in The Memoirs of a Highland Lady in 1812 was denied my purchase. It was my fault for being unprepared.

~ ADAM LAMBERT CAUSES SCANDAL WITH AMA PERFORMANCE, SAYS HE’S NOT A “BABYSITTER”: Actually I am kinda surprised, or at least I wouldn’t be if I remembered who Adam Lambert was or cared. But after I googled him and the performance, and his subsequent statements, I wasn’t surprised. Another artist says “It’s not my fault what I do in publicly. It’s not like anyone under the age of 18 watches TV without their parents around.” On a side note, I am going to have to remember to ask my babysitters when I have kids “Do you plan on rubbing people’s faces in your groin and/or same gender kissing? If so, I heard that’s not babysitter behavior, but I was unaware until 2009 when Adam Lambert told me it wasn’t.” We all own him a debt of gratitude for that nugget of information. Until then, I was sure all babysitters did that if you paid them enough.

~ OBAMA JOKES ABOUT JOBS CREATED AT TURKEY PARDONING CEREMONY: Surprised? No. The only parts that surprised me about this whole ceremony were these two things. 1. Obama pardoned the Turkey without commissioning an independent council to determine the nature of the turkey’s alleged crimes that led to his detaining, then after the commission reported it’s findings, they didn’t ship the turkey to a U.S. court, giving him a public defender since turkey pay is minimal, full constitutional rights, and a jury of his turkey peers. 2. The turkey, whose name was Courage, was given to Disneyworld following the ceremony. I was banking on him giving him to PETA so he could then marry a naked celebrity vegetarian and they could live happily ever after.

So, what’s the moral of this post? When you have really low expectations for people, it never surprises me when they don’t even meet the lowest you expect.

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Since When…

August 15, 2009

Since when is this….

worthy of more people advocating to save than this…


Since when is this….

believed in more than this…


Since when is this….

more of a priority than this….


Since when is this….


more popular than this…..


Since when is this vote…….


count the same as these…….



Since when is this death…..

more of a news story than this death….


I am not sure when these things became the truth, and I am not sure why people accept them without question. We are a nation of proud people, who have now let other people tell us how to think, feel, believe, and act. When will we say enough is enough? I, for one, say now. Now….not since when anymore.


Obama ‘lei’s it on thick

June 27, 2009

Iran is still breaking out in protests, its young citizens fighting with their lives for the democracy and freedom they so richly deserve. A dictatorship ruled North Korea threatens to rain a ‘fire storm’ of nuclear power down upon the United States also holding an Anti-American rally where they speak their intent to blow America off the map. Congress is moving at lightening speed to slowly chip away at our freedoms and economy. The leader of the free world is aware of all these dire situations so what does he do? Well, throw a luau of course! Chalk full with a roasted pig (you’re welcome PETA), leis, and Robert Gibbs being ‘sacrificed’ in a dunk tank (is that considered waterboarding?).

When addressing the Congress invited to this festive occasion Obama said these words. “Aloha!” he screamed. “I wish I could have given you a trip to Hawaii. Given our budget crunch, we can’t do that, so at least we can bring Hawaii to you.”

HUH? WHAT? IS THAT A MISPRINT? No. Our narcissistic and pathetic excuse for a leader wishes not for the Iranian protesters to have freedom, or for North Korea to stop in their terroristic threats to our great Nation, but that he could award Congress…who undoubtedly does his bidding everyday…with a trip to Hawaii. Congress. The same Congress who yesterday voted in favor of the largest American tax increase in history with its egregious Crap and Trade bill.

Here’s an idea. How about instead of celebrating the Congress who is corrupt and flawed you celebrate with the men and women of our United States Armed Forces? How about you celebrate by standing up to the Iranian government or even the North Korean regime? How about instead of going for ice cream and throwing luaus you do something about the 9.4% unemployment rate that you promised would not rise about 8% if we passed that horrendous stimulus bill? WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING AT ALL????????

This is NOT a time for celebration. We are in a dire economic situation. Our deficit is one that we cannot sustain. You are adding more and more taxes to the middle and lower class that you promised you would never do. You, Mr. President, belittle, debase, degrade, demean, diminish, disgrace, dishonor, humiliate, lower, mortify, reduce and shame everything this Country stands for. I hope you enjoy your roasted pig…although its a bit of an act of cannibalism to eat one of your own kind.

We are watching….and we are disgusted.


Obama and the Iran situation

June 22, 2009


June 16, 2009

When I was in high school, I was one of those strange kids who listened to Limbaugh and worried about grades. I was politically involved at a very young age. In the eighth grade, I was snapped in a picture on Bill Clinton’s Inauguration Day wearing all black with a Clinton/Gore button with an “x” over it. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, knew my political stance years before I could vote. Even back in those days, my views were the unpopular opinion. People ridiculed me…called me names…and said mean things to my face. Funny, but now when I look back on those days I remember thinking, I will pray for them. They’re so blind. I know they don’t know what they are doing. Prayer is powerful and I remember thinking “I give this burden to you God, take it out of my life”. The people who mattered, my family and friends, knew who I was and loved me. That is all that matters in this world. Pleasing God and making the people who believe in you proud of your actions.

Now, I look at our leader. Yes, the unpopular opinion might be to speak out against the injustice currently taking place in Iran. Its going to make people angry. It might even make you seem like you’re sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong. If your friend was standing on a railroad track, a racing train headed straight for them, you would yell. You would scream. You would wave your hands. You’d run flailing towards them. You’d do this to prevent something you care about from ceasing to exist. So, Mr. President, I ask you. Who are you trying to please? Whose opinion matters to you? What do you stand for?

Mr. President, you are never going to be liked by everyone. The only people you should be trying to please are the people who believe in you. I am trying to believe in you. But obviously, my opinion is not one of the opinions you are trying to please. You do not have impress the leaders of foreign countries. People are going to dislike you when you do the right thing. Its hard to rely on the God you claim to serve. Leaders are often criticized when they take a stand. Remember Lincoln? The President you aspire to be? Lincoln was WILDLY unpopular. He stood up for freedom for all. He was only concerned with serving his God and his belief in the freedom all Americans deserve. Freedom is something that we should aspire to spread through the planet. Its a human right. STAND UP! TAKE A STAND! DON’T BE AFRAID TO LEAN ON GOD! God works miracles…and He will work them in the lives of those that serve him.

It is not a compliment Mr. President, that in the eighth grade, I had more of a backbone than you. A thirteen year old girl. You are the leader of the free world. Listen to those words. THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. It does not say the leader of the free Gitmo Detainees. It is not the leader of the free universal healthcare. Those things are minute, and pale in comparison to the right that everyone has to freedom.

Mr. President, I will pray for you. I will pray for you to realize that we will stand beside you if you stand up against tyranny. We will stand beside you when you stand for the rights of human beings. We will stand beside you if you stand up for God’s chosen people in Israel. STAND UP MR. PRESIDENT. Be a Leader. Be a strong force for good in this world.

Mr. President, when you stand for nothing we cannot stand beside you. This pains us. You are not only letting down your country, you are letting down the people who thought America would stand behind them as they fight for freedom. Do not say that “world is watching and inspired by their participation regardless of what the ultimate outcome of the election was.” Don’t demean their plight like that. Don’t “watch” from the sidelines, be the coach teaching them how freedom is not free. Don’t be “inspired by their participation” but yet be the inspiration for a free world and YOU participate in their fight.

Be a President, be a Leader, be someone who makes us proud to be Americans. Grow a backbone, Mr. President. Grow a backbone made of God, your fellow Americans, and of the freedom that should bind us all together.