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The Price is Right

March 24, 2010


Let’s face it people. This health care bill was NOT about what people believed in or what they wanted for our great Nation. This health care bill, the votes that were FOR this health care bill, were simply about what price it would take for them to abandon their beliefs. All this has told us is their price. Stupak was pro-life. Now, he is nothing more than a sell-out.

Ask me what price it would take for me to support abortion funding. Go ahead ask me.








There is nothing you could do, no amount of money you could throw at me, NOTHING at ALL that you could say that would make me waiver on that. That is called character. If someone can make you change your beliefs for any reason, then you DO NOT and NEVER WILL qualify to lead anyone. You are then JUST ANOTHER FOLLOWER.

There is no difference between putting a price on your vote, than a judge putting a price on his ruling. It is criminal and outrageously UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It ENRAGES me and if it does not enrage you than you need to re-evaluate YOUR belief system as well. I receive a little solace in knowing that these people will one day answer to God for their activities, although the Patriot in me wants them all in JAIL for their crimes. Their crimes do not just make a mockery of their job as Congressmen, but they make a mockery of our entire democracy. This is not about health care anymore. This is about ethics, character, and moral fiber. I would have more respect for a liberal vegetarian who would never eat meat based on their moral beliefs than I ever would for a pro-life conservative who would change their beliefs for a new airport or 30 million in campaign contributions. It’s amazing to me that these people, the socialist progressives who are supposed to hate the corporate elitists, are just that! Hypocritical seems too light of a term.

I just pray the rest of America sees what I see.



Is That Even A Word?

November 6, 2009

I was doomed to be a geek from the start. My parents both taught in the public school system that I attended from Kindergarten to my Freshman year. I inherited a special rare gene that carries very unique DNA. The technical term for this gene is the “WHY CAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN NOT SPELL OR USE PROPER GRAMMAR?” Gene (patent pending). For those of you blessed enough to not carry this gene, you may have found yourself asking one of your ‘smart friends’ at least once in your life, “Is that even a word?” I, being afflicted with the gene, get asked that question no less than 7 times a week. That is an average of….let’s see….7 times a week x 52 weeks a year x the 25 years I have been alive + the 5 years I have been alive that I lie about = well, several times.

You may be asking yourself, “Self, that is all well and good, but do we think spelling or grammar is a political issue?” If you answered yourself, “Self, no we don’t think it is” then you’re right on the money. It is not a political issue per se. There are bad spellers and people who use improper english who are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Conservative, Moderate and most definitely Liberal. It could almost be considered one of the only things that don’t add to our parties intrinsic differences. I will give you an example of a word both left and right wing individuals have a problem with.


A: No. It is two separate words. A LOT. ALOT is not a word just because people enunciate A and LOT far too quickly and without pause when used as phrase. If every phrase that people mispronounce fast became official English words, then we would be required to make “Forreals”, “Nunya”, “Atcha”, and “Chu” words as well.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike all use “alot” in sentences. I see it everyday. It is actually a pet peeve.

This got me me thinking…I know Liberals and Conservatives both have sort of a “special” language. I know there are some Liberal words that I didn’t know were actual words as conversely Conservatives do with Liberals. So again, in the spirit of veracity, I will give you a list of Conservative words so that, if you are ever caught in a situation where you are having a dialogue with one of us, you will know precisely what we are talking about.

TROLL: Some might remember TROLLS as ugly, hideous, destitute creatures who make their abodes under various bridges. This original definition of the word is almost exactly the same as the Conservative definition of an ignorant liberal. So to save time, we have interchanged the two. Ignorant liberal = TROLL.
USED IN A SENTENCE: Nancy Pelosi is such a troll and the botox doesn’t help the situation.

OBAMANATION: Many are unaware that this word also appears in the bible. Many words are spelled differently in different areas of the world. Britain spells the word color as colour. Some spell it gray and others spell the word grey. Apparently, in the King James era it was spelled abomination where as today it is spelled OBAMANATION. Just like color / colour and gray / grey the meaning does not change with just because it is spelled different just like abomination / OBAMANATION. In the dictionary, abomination is defined as: abhorrence; disgust or a cause of abhorrence or disgust. OBAMANATION is defined as the same, in correlation with the time period and administration headed by Obama.
USED IN A SENTENCE: In my prayers today, I asked God to forgive this Obamanation for they know not what they do.

DITTOHEAD: Liberals use this word as an insult, but Conservatives use it as a compliment describing an individual who agrees with everything Rush Limbaugh says. I earned this title early in my life when I first wore my “Rush Limbaugh For President” sweatshirt to school in the 8th Grade. Not everyone is a prolific as myself in their Conservatism and may have earned the title later in life. There is no age limit on becoming a DITTOHEAD. I firmly believe that when I become pregnant, if I use those headphones that go on top of a pregnant belly to broadcast sound into the womb, my child will be born as a DITTOHEAD.
USED IN A SENTENCE: After listening to the EIB network for years, I have become an official Dittohead.

OLBYHATE: I actually just learned this Conservative word. It refers to the hate inflicted by Keith Olbermann on his show on MSNBC “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”. Since he as proven habitually that he cannot do a show without calling Conservatives names, many with with juvenile humor undertones, OLBYHATE is used to characterize this behavior. Just because the word is commonly used to describe Keith Olbermann specifically, it is not limited to him as an individual. Other Liberals who use this same type of decorum may also be identified as using OLBYHATE.
USED IN SENTENCE: It seems that being on the same channel as Olbermann has influence Rachel Maddow to use the same kind of Olbyhate.

KOOL-AIDER: Kool-Aid is traditionally used as a child’s beverage. It is a powered drink mix that when mixed with water and sugar is moderately refreshing. Kool-Aid in and of itself is not innately evil, but thanks to Jim Jones and his cult members of The Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana there is a evil connotation associated with it. In 1978, Jones forced his 900 cult followers to drink grape Kool-Aid laced with cyanide which resulted in 900 dead including Jones himself. After that, the term “drinking the Kool-Aid” referred to following someone blindly even if it leads to horrific deeds and actions. Today, Conservatives have coined the term KOOL-AIDER as a person, or media outlet, that does not question the mountain of discrepancies this administration feeds us day after day. Someone who blindly follows Obama, even when the result is trillions of dollars in national debt and the destruction of personal liberties.
USED IN A SENTENCE: Oprah is a Kool-Aider who is going to let Obama squander her millions to support his causes.

Now, obviously, this short list is not the Conservative dictionary in its entirety. We have many more words we use. But, as I stated before, I wanted to give Liberals a glimpse into our special language. That way maybe, just maybe, if you have Liberal who asks time and time again, “Is that even a word?” you can forward them to this page to let them know that although it might not be a word used by the entire English speaking community, it is a word that is used by the Conservative speaking community. Any other words that Conservatives believe should be added to this list, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. Oh and Liberals, you’re welcome. It was my pleasure.


My Apologies

September 17, 2009

Dear Signers Of The Declaration of Independence,

In the few years preceding 1776, your ideals and morals lead to the creation of this great Country. You risked it all. Your lives, your families, and your fortunes. You were the men of greatness, whose words still grace our lips, whose speeches have inspired for centuries, and whose valiant bravery of defiance should serve as a model for the ages. You were before your time, you were brilliant, and we are humbled by your legacies. I am sorry it was all for nothing.

You fought against the taxation of the public without a voice representing you. Today, we have one of the highest tax burdens and we have a congress that serves their own interests before our own. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You fought against a tyrannical King who publicly called you treasonous. You saw a potential for this Country. A Country that was not based on tyranny but yet rejoiced in freedom. Today, we have a government who has seized control of car companies, insurance companies, banks, and now wants free reign of our healthcare. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

Your children were young and ideological. They lied about their ages to be able to fight for their freedoms against the British Army. Today, our children are lost, forgotten, complacent, and spoiled. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You wanted us to be able to worship freely without fear of persecution. You belived religion was a basis of a good society. You put God in your speeches and documents. Today, a Christian is heckled, called names by our government, and shunned for their beliefs. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You provided a structure for government. Three branches, check and balaces, so that no one person or entity has complete control. You wanted the control to remain in the hands of the people. Today, we have a plethora of Czars who are an entity of the government but yet not accountable to anyone but the White House. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You and the Patriots of this Country risked everything for us to become independent of Britain. Centuries later, we have forgotten our roots, forgotten our history, forgotten your sacrifice. We mock you with our arrogance and self absorbed nature. We allow the oppression of others. We do not stand always on the side of freedom. We have let your dream become our nightmare. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

I have made mistakes. I have stood ideally by. I have not spoken for freedom, for you. I have been a part of the problem and not the solution. You deserve better. I did not change my ways. I am sorry.

No more will I do these things, and this is my vow. I will look to you for my inspiration. I will look to you for bravery. I will look to you for a model. You deserve that at the very least. I may have failed but from here on out I will not give up until we succeed. I never again want to say I am sorry. You did not mistake mediocre for greatness. Neither will I.

Sincerely, and truly,



A How-To Guide for Liberals

September 14, 2009

I kinda feel sorry for the liberals. I mean, I don’t know from experience or anything, but it must be difficult having to explain the unexplainable all the time. For example, why is it global warming when it is neither effecting the whole globe nor is actually warming? Or explaining how its understandable why Clinton cheated and not when Mark Sanford does it? Well, I cannot answer those questions for you but I figured I would take a break from making liberals jobs harder and take a moment to try to help out some of my friends on the left. So therefore, I will take a moment to provide liberals with a How-To guide of things to say when asked about the 9-12 March on Washington.

After asked why did so many people show up for the 9-12 March on Washington you liberals should reply with one or more of the following…

1. Obviously they are all racists. And the black people that were there were racists against half-black people and gay people.

2. It was obviously a coincidence that they were all there on the same day, at the same time, with signs relaying the same message.

3. They were paid by Fox Propaganda Network.

4. They lie.

5. Didn’t you hear Janet Napolitano? They are TERRORISTS!

6. It was really a million liberals impersonating conservatives for the biggest punk’d prank ever.

7. They obviously took a picture of the two people that were there and photoshopped in the rest.

8. All of them have terminally ill and oppose universal healthcare because they want everyone to die with them.

9. A million people? Yeah right! I counted 999,998.

10. When was the last time anyone cheered on 9-12? Thats right. When Al-Queda did it.

11. A March? Like as in marching? I remember someone else marching. It was Hilter’s troops.

12. Opposing the President is un-American.

13. I heard they drug a black person behind a truck while the rest of the people cheered.

14. 12 is one less than 11 and 9 is two more than 11. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. So obviously they all belong to the KKK.

15. They were opposing healthcare because it has the word care in it and conservatives hate everyone.

16. It was free lemonade day at a Pennsylvania Ave. street vendor. Most of them were there for that.

17. They are definitely all rich. Only rich people oppose taxes.

18. It was a teabagging convention. They are just all really sexual deviants.

19. They weren’t protesting OUR taxes and healthcare. They were protesting CANADA’s. We were just looking out for Canadians.

And if all else fails, if you cannot explain the unexplainable, if you are beated down by conservative logic, and if you have no other options….simply say…

20. I blame George Bush for the March.

Well, my Left Lefty McLeftersons…I hope this helps. I have your back. Don’t say I never did anything for you!


Buckeyes and Ted Kennedy

August 31, 2009

There are two things in which I consider myself well versed in. Purses and THE Ohio State Buckeyes. I know that some of you may be thinking that politics should be on that list but I am not expert on politics. You may be thinking, “thats all good and well Jen, but what can handbags or football have anything to do with Teddy Kennedy’s passing?” Well, I will explain.

Sometimes in order to make my feelings known it is much easier to relate it to something I know better than anything. For this example I will be using the Buckeyes. Back in the day, we had a coach at Ohio State. His name was *bows head in reverence* Woody Hayes. He is now considered one of the greatest coaches we have ever had. His overall record at OSU was 205-61-10 which is a little over a 76%. Absolutely amazing. He was a Buckeye through and through, and whenever anyone says that what they really mean is that they love the Buckeyes and HATE anything related to Michigan. The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is not only the OLDEST rivalry in college ball it is also the most INTENSE. Woody Hayes embodies that to a T. In fact he rarely spoke of Michigan by name just as “that state up north” or “the team up north”. Michigan’s coach at the time of Woody’s reign was another famous coach Bo Schembechler. As much as Woody hated Michigan, Bo hated Ohio. They embraced the war with no-holds barred and often took things way too personal. It was NOT just another game on the schedule for them it was THE ONLY GAME that mattered all year. If either one of them had lost every game but the rivalry game…then the season was considered a victory. Woody died in 1987 at the age of 74, but will remain always as the greatest and most memorable coach in the Buckeyes history.

Fast forward to modern day. Our current coach is Jim Tressel is fast becoming one that equals Woody in record and ability to beat Michigan which in Ohio is really the only thing that matters. His main rival’s coach was Lloyd Carr and until last year they had met 7 times and only once had Carr beat Tressel in 2004.

In 2006, the Game of the Year became the Game of the CENTURY. Very few times in college football history have any teams ranked #1 and #2 in the polls met in regular season play. In 2006 this happened twice. First Ohio State vs. Texas…and then in November it just happened to be #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Michigan. Never before had our teams been ranked as such and the forecast was bleak for the Wolverines. Michigan knew that Tressel was prepared and they needed something to rally them. Something to motivate them. Something to try and forget what the experts were saying and beat the Buckeyes. And they got what they asked for.

On the eve of the biggest matchup of the year, mere hours before the game on the Friday before, the infamous Bo Schembechler died of a massive heart attack. Suddenly, the Wolverines were renewed! They were PUMPED! They had a mission and a goal. To win this game, the game that every Ohioan and Michigander waits for all year, for their beloved former coach. They were determined. They had the whole world watching as they entered that stadium with conviction to make Bo proud as he watched above from the clouds. To be completely honest, I was scared. I figured this rallying cry would work and that Michigan has just that oomph they needed to win. My father even said…”Just like Schembechler to die on the eve of the greatest matchup in our rivalry’s history. That’s just like a Michigander. What a dirty trick.” (If this statement seems insensitive or callous to you…you have never lived in Michigan or Ohio)

Well, when all was said and done, Michigan did not make Bo proud and lost to the Buckeyes that year 42-39. They tried hard, but let’s face it…it was still the same old Michigan team. Football games are not won by mere touchy-feely inspiration, but by actually playing football. You still have to score the points, you still have to break through the opposition, and you still have to face the fact that if you don’t stack up to the other side, you are going to lose no matter who wished for you to win on their deathbed.

By now you may understand the point. The healthcare bill is hanging on by a thread. Even the Democrats are starting to look out for #1 and what they need to do to get re-elected. They understand no bill that is currently proposed will be welcomed with open arms by the voters and that maybe now is not the time for reform as they have stated time and time again that it is. They needed something to rally behind. They needed inspiration. They needed a feel good dying wish mushy touchy feely reason for the citizens of America to stand behind. They needed a icon to stand behind. And they got it with the death of Ted Kennedy. Now they can say, do it for Teddy. Make his last wish come true. Don’t make his death be in vain. Don’t let the last thing Ted ever supported die a death like he did.

Well, like the Michigan Wolverine team of 2006, they can call their rallying cry, they can use his death as propoganda for the passing of this bill, and they can look up to the skies and say “This one’s for you TK”. But also like the 2006 Wolverines, its going to actually take a plan that is going to work to withstand us, the people who see past all the smoke and mirrors and see the truth. A bill that at its core, is just not capable of making a touchdown and winning the game of reform. Sorry Liberals, no matter what you name the bill, no matter how many different versions you put forth, and how many pages of incomprehensible nonsense you add, when push comes to shove….its not going to withstand our defensive line. But, I do give you credit for trying.

Ted Kennedy as a Michigan Wolverine


Debating is bad for MY health.

August 23, 2009

Well, the argument rages on, and its getting old. No one on the other side is LISTENING and I am tired of the constant barrage of ignorant comments like the fact that I don’t want National Healthcare means I am in some way a sadistic heartless meanie head who wants everyone to die if they’re not rich. Its PRECISELY the OPPOSITE! But they keep on saying it….along with the same tired buzzwords trying to make me seem like a bad person, or morally corrupt.

I have a few liberal people in my twitter stream that although they are mean to conservatives in general are nice enough to me personally. I am going to go over a few of the tweets between me and one of my liberal followers. Normally I would call him out…but since he is a good guy…just wrong…I will not. I am tired of the same old points and how they don’t make sense and no good debate is held in 140 characters or less, so I will take his tweets and answer them in depth. Now when someone says the same things tomorrow…my responses will be complete and finite.

This all began because he said “The GOP dont give a damn about anyone but themselves..The De-Facto Segregation of Health Care” and “RT If Right-Wingers Get Their Way, 22,000 Americans Will Continue 2 B Killed by Lack of Health Care Each Yr” and “RT inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America’s Dirty Work”. I was sick of seeing it so I said a few things back and thus begun yet another debate:

LIBERAL POINT #1: more than that will die with no healthcare. That is a fact. If they don’t come to SOME kind of compromise… (this was in response to me saying thousands die on waiting lists in countries with Nationalized systems)

Ok, if I put metal in a microwave for 10 minutes it is a fact that it will be bad. It is a fact because I can prove it based on the research of me doing it prior. Facts can be proven or disproven on research. We have never had a national healthcare option before. You have NO EARTHLY CLUE how many people will die on waiting lists for care, for a primary care doctor, for tests, for medicine, for diagnosis, for the money to pay a private care doctor if the government refuses to pay for their care. You don’t know because we have no research to determine the exact number. It is a fact that people will die. The 22,000 people that are estimated to die from lack of coverage each year are greatly increased by two things, REFUSING TO SEE A DOCTOR, and REFUSING TREATMENT BASED ON FEAR OF DEBT! These people are not REFUSED CARE! They CHOOSE not to go into debt over it. Very few are in situations that hospitals refuse treatment based on coverage. No hospital can refuse you care based on your coverage. Anyone who has been to an ER can attest to this. If you don’t want to get into debt to save your life…then it doesn’t matter that much to you. HOWEVER, in Canada and Great Britain it is a FACT that waitlists are growing and there is no solution in sight. How many people die on waiting lists every year? One researcher said it best…
Claims about patients dying because of waiting too long cannot be confirmed or denied from
current research and information. This is a part of the sorry state of wait list information in
Canada and Britain. Even simple statistics such as deaths from different procedures, or deaths of patients on
different lists, are simply not available.
Sounds peachy. At least in our system, we have the capability to tell you someone died.

LIBERAL POINT #2: (in response to who do you blame, since liberals are all about blame) I Blame the GOP leadership & Rush, hannity, beck, Steele, etc. They don’t give a damn about me. And they’re not even trying..

This one made me laugh. Lets review job titles shall we?

Rush Limbaugh:
Radio Talk Show Host on the EIB network.
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Sean Hannity:
Radio and Television Talk Show Host on Fox News
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Glenn Beck:
Radio and Television Talk Show Host on Fox News
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Michael Steele:
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: To direct the party towards better leadership, if you are unhappy with his leadership, don’t be a republican.

You don’t feel like Radio and Television talk show hosts and the head of political committee don’t care about you? Um ok. Who cares? I am pretty sure Oprah doesn’t care about me and neither does the leader of the Aryan Nation, but they don’t have to care about me. If people are unhappy, they don’t have to do anything they suggest. If Rush Limbaugh tells me to donate 60000 to charity this year and I don’t…oh well. If Barack Obama passes a law saying I have to donate 60000 to charity this year and I don’t…I go to prison. See the difference? If you blame Rush, Beck, Hannity, and Steele for your problems, thats like me blaming Angelina Jolie for being prettier than I am and its her job to fix it. BARACK OBAMA AND HIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBERS ARE DUTY BOUND BY THEIR OFFICES TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY! Rush Limbaugh is duty bound to live, pay taxes and die, just like the rest of us. If you don’t like Rush, Hannity or Beck, don’t listen to their shows! If you don’t like Steele, don’t be Republican. If I don’t like Barack Obama, I still have to be American, and he still is the Commander in Chief of my husbands job. We kinda have to do whatever he says without question.

LIBERAL POINT #3: (this one was just out there) I saw the townhalls at ppl who called themselves patriots and all, but no one looked like me. I’ve fought for my community too.

No one looked like you? Can I just pass this one up? What does a patriot look like? Anyone look like Yankee Doodle Dandy with a feather in their cap? Ridiculous.

LIBERAL POINT #4: (two tweets in one point) millions without HC, without all the rhetoric, how do we help them? They need healthcare. All races. This should have happened alrdy. ok, what do you propose? Doing nothing is not an option.

First of all, LOL at me spitting out rhetoric. Ok, stop with race. Really. Seriously. Nothing to do with race. I don’t say it often….BUT SHUT UP! Who said anything about race? Oh yeah, you. Get over it.
Here’s what I propose and listen carefully since I am going to say this only (counts on fingers) well, 16,562,782,101 times already:
Get a job with benefits. If you cannot work, get Medicaid. If you can’t get Medicaid, go to the doctor’s and get in debt. If you get in debt and cannot pay it, declare bankruptcy. If you don’t want to declare bankruptcy, get a job. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Now, get out your pencils and paper and take notes on this last part because its the important part ok?

LIBERAL POINT #5: I’m a fan of ppl not dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. If that’s “socialism” then guilty as charged.

Finally, FIN-A-#($*&#($*&-LLY. We called them socialist in the beginning and it was like we called them Silly Billy Goo Goo Poopy Heads. We call them socialists now, after Brad Pitt said it was cool, and NOW its yep! Guilty as charged.
I understand you are not a fan of people dying. Neither am I. What you are failing to grasp still is that socialized medicine will kill people. Lets say your 22,000 people estimate is correct. Lets say all of these people per year die based on their checkbooks alone. Its not true, but lets just pretend. Lets put that number in perspective:

Every year:

43,354 people die in car accidents. Thats 21,354 people more than healthcare. Almost twice.

28,663 people die by firearm including gang warfare, criminals killed by police, and self defense. Thats more than healthcare by 6,663.

32,691 people die from poisoning, 72% of those unintentionally. Thats 10,691 more than healthcare.

30,622 people die from suicide. Thats 8,622 more than healthcare.

Suddenly, deaths due to healthcare seem not that large. Funny, here we are acting like people are dropping like flies. (excuse the pun, PETA). If you are not a fan of people dying due to not having healthcare, lets take on more important issues first. Don’t drive in a car, don’t be in a gang, don’t get shot by the cops, don’t get robbed, don’t ingest poison, don’t kill yourself. After you take care of these issues…the ones that really kill people…then we can talk.


Since When…

August 15, 2009

Since when is this….

worthy of more people advocating to save than this…


Since when is this….

believed in more than this…


Since when is this….

more of a priority than this….


Since when is this….


more popular than this…..


Since when is this vote…….


count the same as these…….



Since when is this death…..

more of a news story than this death….


I am not sure when these things became the truth, and I am not sure why people accept them without question. We are a nation of proud people, who have now let other people tell us how to think, feel, believe, and act. When will we say enough is enough? I, for one, say now. Now….not since when anymore.


Top 10 Liberal Accusations

July 31, 2009

I hear this list of Liberal baiting questions. You know…the questions they ask in hopes of finding some contradiction or hypocrisy in how I respond. But they keep asking the same things numerous times. Maybe if I answer them here, then I could stop saying the same things over and over and over again. I doubt so, but here they are anyways.

10. Why do you want everyone to think like you?
This one is a classic. Most liberals think that we want everyone to convert to Conservatism. We don’t. I get some of my most insightful and intelligent beliefs based on the challenges of others. But I think its hilarious that they ask me that…in hopes of changing my mind? Maybe its hard for people to see the irony, but I see it and laugh at it.

9. How can you like Sarah Palin when she is a quitter who has bad parenting skills?
OH HOW THE LIBERALS HATE SARAH PALIN. Almost everyday someone asks me this….or says it in a statement to me…you get the drift. Well, Sarah Palin represents every thing this government needs. Someone who believes in God, the military, pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-capitalism. Also, when I was a rebellious teenager, I did drugs and had sex. This was not my PARENT’S fault that I did these things. I knew they were wrong. But I CHOSE to do them, just like Bristol Palin did.

8. You think McCain would have done better?
I am not a big John McCain fan. He fathered my mortal enemy Meghan. Do I think he would have done better? Yes. Do I think he would do the best? No. But stop asking me. He didn’t win. I got over it. Can you now get over it please?

7. How can you not want insurance for sick children when you are a Christian?
(I love how whenever a liberal is trying to make a point…they always use the kid angle) I personally don’t see the connection between insurance and religion, but I will humor you. My answer to this is simple. First, if you can’t afford to care for your child, you shouldn’t have had one. Second, I DO want sick kids to get better, which is WHY I want health care privatized. Duh.

6. Why do you blame Obama for Bush/Cheney ruining our economy?
Lets pretend America is the husband and our President is the wife. America marries the President, and after an eight year marriage they get a divorce. The wife cost the husband billions of dollars in debt. The husband then meets a new wife. He still has the debt from his previous marriage. The new wife is a shopaholic, she spends money like it is water, maxes out all of the credit cars, takes out loans from anyone she can. She spends so much that in just a few months of marriage she has TRIPLED the amount of debt he already had. Now. who is responsible for tripling the debt? Not wife #1….she’s already gone, and is only responsible for the debt of the past. Wife #2 it was alllllllllllll you. You can blame Bush for the economy, but I blame Obama for making it catastrophically outrageous.

5. Why don’t you support abortions for the mothers whose life is endangered or have been raped?”
First, only ONE PERCENT (1%) of abortions are for these circumstances. That means for every 99 babies killed for no reason, 1 is killed for the reasons listed. To understand why I don’t support it…remember that I believe abortion is murder. Lets say the kid is born. Mom gets raped. Should she be able to shoot her kid in the face because she went through a traumatic disaster? No. Mom gets cancer. Her life is in danger and she is going to die. Can she THEN shoot her kid in the face? No. That’s my answer.

4. You should respect whoever is in the White House, because he is President. Why don’t you?
I can answer this in 3 little words. Respect is EARNED. When he does something that is worthy of my respect, you’ll be the first to know.

3. Why can you not compromise?
We have. For years now, we have accepted your ridiculous claims, lies, deceit, and propaganda. Why can’t I compromise? Because of liberals. We have compromised for WAY TOO LONG…but your idea of compromise is us doing what they want. We’re tired of it. I, for one, say it is your turn to compromise.

2. Why do you say Obama is without morals, when conservatives keep getting caught cheating? Why not call them out?
First of all, I don’t believe who you have sex with has anything to do with politics. But I will answer. I think infidelity is a MALE PROBLEM. I have had boyfriends who cheated who probably couldn’t tell you what a Uighur is. But apparently cheating is political? I do feel sorry for any family who has to go through the hurt that their husband and father created. I hope they ask for forgiveness. When the news story hit, I said the same thing I always do. GUYS NEED TO LEARN TO KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS.

1.MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: “I try to get all sides of the picture, and the one painted by the right is that of fear & hate, never one of compromise & unity.” ~My favorite *free-thinker* and yours @darrwin
Elle. Oh. Elle. or LOL for some of you. Oh dear! I can totally see how that makes you open minded. No bias there. (if your computer just got wet, that was my dripping sarcasm)

Well there you have it folks. Gotta love the fact that Liberals constantly give me things to laugh at and blog about. Let me know in a comment if you have any good Liberal accusations and questions below.

Oh, and don’t forget, I am a racist, uneducated, ignorant, bible thumping, hate filled, brainwashed, manipulative, uncharitable, biased, intolerant, hypocrite. Or so I’ve been told.


Role Model of Disgrace

July 26, 2009

I don’t have kids but if I did…there are things that I would make sure they knew from a early age. I also expect, no rather demand, that people who are in the spotlight as a role model for children set an example for what is good, right, moral and just. Here are some of the qualities I wish to instill in my children, and of the children who are loved by me.

1. Always speak up for right. Back your friends when they’re right. Never let anyone make you feel like being a good person is a bad thing.

2. You are not entitled to anything but life, the freedom to follow God, and to reap the benefits of your labor. If you feel like someone owes you something, it should be based on your merits alone…not anything else.

3. Be a gracious and generous person. Do it for the reward of enriching people’s lives. If someone tells you that you have to be charitable, then it is not charity at all but yet a command you follow.

4. If something happens, you are scared, and cannot reach your parents, find a police officer. Most all police officers are awesome at protecting people.

Just to name a few.

Now let’s review what President Obama is teaching the youth of America.

1. Do not make waves. If someone is doing something that’s not right, remember it is their problem not yours.

2. Based on your skin color, social economic background, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation you are entitled to more than people who, as the majority, receive more than yourself. Merit is inconsequential.

3. You must help other people even if you feel they don’t deserve it. Do not give for the joy of giving, but for the fact you must.

4. Police Officers are stupid, or act stupidly. If a cop sees a person breaking into a house…they are required to do nothing…in fear of making someone angry.

#4 on both lists of course refer to the Gates controversy. I think its is UNIMAGINABLE that the leader of the free world would side against police officers, but not the government of Iran! How horrible. He just told the entire nation, including our children, that police officers are racist, judgmental, and liars. Role Model? Yes role model of disgrace.

By saying the police acted “stupidly” he is perpetrating a stereotype that undermines the authority of our police force. What is that telling our children? Better yet, by insinuating the police were racist….he is discouraging equality. I believe if people stopped thinking about race so much the world would be a better place. If you were locked out of your house and tried to break into it…wouldn’t you feel blessed that the police had the best interests of your home at heart? Imagine it was a burglar. Gates would be ecstatic the police responded so quickly and apprehended the suspect.

I feel sorry for the youth of America. Their President is a horrible role model. Their Congress is full of moron crooks. Who can they believe in? Without God and parental guidance our children are susceptible to feeling lost, unloved, and weary of truthfulness and honesty.

Next time Mr. President…remember…with childlike faith our young believe in you. I will pray you find the strength to better yourself into a role model for excellence….and not the opposite.


The Alaskan Blob

July 17, 2009

    If you have not heard yet…there is a “blob” in the Arctic Ocean in Lake Chukchi. Its HUGE, black, it moves, and has “hair-like” strands. It smells of rotting fruit, and jellyfish and birds have even been caught up in its sticky ooze. Scientists have been trying to determine exactly what it is…but say it is definitely biological organism.

    Here’s how I think the two political sides will play this.

    Liberal:  You obviously have seen the Alaskan Blob right?

    Conservative:  Yes, I have.

    Liberal:  Well, are you going to admit global warming exists?  How else could that thing have been made?

    Conservative: No, its definitely not the proof I need for global warming to exist.

    Liberal: YOU ARE SO BLIND! Obviously the ocean is gelatinous and becoming one huge blob!

    Conservative:  I don’t think its gelatin.

    Liberal:  Then, Ms. I-Am-Always-Right…what is it?

    Conservative:  I have a good idea what it is.

    Liberal:  Then enlighten me…please.

    Conservative:  David Letterman, John Kerry, and Al Gore spew all kinds of crap directed at Sarah Palin and Alaska. Guess all that crap finally grouped together into one big blob of liberal excrement.

    Liberal:  I don’t understand.

    Conservative:  Basically, its Alaska’s way of saying

    Liberals love giving us shit, so we thought we’d give you some of it back.

    Liberal: Whatever, liberals still hate Sarah Palin.

    Conservative: I know, and that alone, makes me smile everyday.

    At least….that’s what I would say.