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My Letter to Malik Nadal Hasan, Murderer

November 10, 2009

Malik Nadal Hasan~Murderer and Terrorist,

Please note I did not start this letter by calling you Major Malik Nadal Hasan. That would imply you are a Soldier and a proud member of the United States Army, which you are not. You wore a uniform, you collected a tax-payer paycheck, but you were never and are not now a Soldier. You were a agent and arm of radical Islam. You may have fooled many and continue to fool some, but you do not fool me.

I am a Navy wife. My husband is not stationed at Fort Hood. I do not know any of the people you injured and murdered personally. He has never been on Iraq soil. But, you have change the course of my life, hours away in Corpus Christi.

In the weeks and days before a true Soldier, Sailor or any member of the Armed Forces deploy, there is a sense of panic looming in their house. Days are not named Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, yet they are named 10 days before he leaves, 9 days before he leaves, etc. On that Thursday morning, a wife somewhere in Fort Hood was living her day, not as a Thurday, not as the 5th of November, but as 2 days before her husband left. She had a sense of impending doom. But that doom was not scheduled that day, that doom was safely at bay until he deployed. Until you entered into her husbands path.

You were delusionally fighting a holy war that none of those Soldiers knew they were in the midst of. You woke up that morning, you carried those concealed handguns, you walked into that building, and you made these Soldiers a part of YOUR war that was in YOUR head. But it wasn’t a war was it Hasan? A war has rules. A war makes sure both sides are armed. A war does not attack innocent people. You were a butcher. You were a coward. Instead of standing beside these brothers who would have given their LIFE to protect YOURS in Iraq, you decided to smile, and pretend to be a Hero as you plotted their deaths. You have fooled many, but you do not fool me.

A terrorist does not wear a shirt identifying them as a terrorist. A terrorist does not announce his plans for murder before carrying them out. A terrorist does not remove himself from a situation that provides him a chance to take out as many Americans as possible. If you are not a terrorist, then I don’t know what is. Your costume was an Army uniform. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. You may have fooled many, but you do not fool me.

Now, that sense of peace that I have knowing my husband is safely home on American soil, has been destroyed. No longer may I say “Come Home Safe” because our home is not safe. I can no longer rest easy knowing his brothers in arms are around him, as one of them may be like you. I was fooled into thinking we were safe, but you showed me.

13 Heroes died at your hand. 13 people had wives, husbands, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents who were counting down to the day they would be in danger. 13 people were counting down to the wrong day. You fooled them, but no longer will you fool us.

I am glad you lived. I know for a period of time you were in a drug induced coma. Many medical professionals do this when the pain is too great for the mind to handle. Well, you should have been awake, I am awake, those wounded are awake, and the families of those Heroes fallen are awake. And like you, our pain is too great for our minds to handle. You do not get the pleasure of the death you say you treasure greater than life. Life for you is worse than death. And you deserve a fate worse than death.

You have fooled your family into believing you were a Soldier. You fooled Soldiers into thinking they could count on you. You fooled the mainstream media into thinking no Soldier could plan a terrorist attack like you did. You fooled people into believing you were not a threat. I wonder…how will your life be now? After living your lie for so long, after so many loved and embraced you simply for a commitment to Country, how will your life be now knowing you do not fool us anymore?

Living in the Comforting Arms of my God,