My name is 004. Jen 004.

What’s a three letter word for crazy loud blond chick who is way too outspoken? Oh yeah. Jen.

I was born in raised in Columbus, Ohio. Therefore, I am a Buckeye through and through. I have a natural hatred for all things Michigan. I have a sick addiction with Macaroni and Cheese. I think Latoya and Michael Jackson are the same person. I honestly used to think cantaloupe came from antelope. I hate motivational quotes. I think Juicy Couture was invented by God to make me happy. I once bought 30 purses in a 6 month period of time. I cannot play video games until they are of the racing variety.

I am disgusted with the current state of our Nation. This current White House administration makes me physically ill, as does the smell of Southern Comfort. I believe in God, less government, abortion is murder, and that we all have the right to live without the fear of losing our freedoms. I am a member of the vast right wing conspiracy.

I think most people forget that laughing makes everything better. I live by the motto…”I am laughing because if I stop, I might cry.” I love music, play the violin, and have way too much time on my hands.

There is a boy. He lives in my heart…and he signed a lifetime lease to stay there.

I am the proud mother of three gorgeous chihuahuas…who, even though they sometimes are a pain in the neck…never fail to make me smile. They are spoiled, and often sound like monkeys. Duke, my boy, is a tad on the mentally challenged side, and has a snaggletooth that makes him curl his top lip like Elvis. Sassy is my fatty fatty, and she will paw at your lips if she wants to kiss you. Diva, my baby, is my first born. She is a momma’s girl, and thinks she is too good for the others. If she was human, she’d be that beautiful girl that is super popular because she makes fun of all the other girls. In other words, she’s a snob.

Every night before I go to bed, I pray that when I wake up God will help me be the kind of conservative that liberals fear I am.

The information contained in this post…along with $2……will buy you a Pepsi. Enjoy!

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