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Top 10 Liberal Accusations

July 31, 2009

I hear this list of Liberal baiting questions. You know…the questions they ask in hopes of finding some contradiction or hypocrisy in how I respond. But they keep asking the same things numerous times. Maybe if I answer them here, then I could stop saying the same things over and over and over again. I doubt so, but here they are anyways.

10. Why do you want everyone to think like you?
This one is a classic. Most liberals think that we want everyone to convert to Conservatism. We don’t. I get some of my most insightful and intelligent beliefs based on the challenges of others. But I think its hilarious that they ask me that…in hopes of changing my mind? Maybe its hard for people to see the irony, but I see it and laugh at it.

9. How can you like Sarah Palin when she is a quitter who has bad parenting skills?
OH HOW THE LIBERALS HATE SARAH PALIN. Almost everyday someone asks me this….or says it in a statement to me…you get the drift. Well, Sarah Palin represents every thing this government needs. Someone who believes in God, the military, pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-capitalism. Also, when I was a rebellious teenager, I did drugs and had sex. This was not my PARENT’S fault that I did these things. I knew they were wrong. But I CHOSE to do them, just like Bristol Palin did.

8. You think McCain would have done better?
I am not a big John McCain fan. He fathered my mortal enemy Meghan. Do I think he would have done better? Yes. Do I think he would do the best? No. But stop asking me. He didn’t win. I got over it. Can you now get over it please?

7. How can you not want insurance for sick children when you are a Christian?
(I love how whenever a liberal is trying to make a point…they always use the kid angle) I personally don’t see the connection between insurance and religion, but I will humor you. My answer to this is simple. First, if you can’t afford to care for your child, you shouldn’t have had one. Second, I DO want sick kids to get better, which is WHY I want health care privatized. Duh.

6. Why do you blame Obama for Bush/Cheney ruining our economy?
Lets pretend America is the husband and our President is the wife. America marries the President, and after an eight year marriage they get a divorce. The wife cost the husband billions of dollars in debt. The husband then meets a new wife. He still has the debt from his previous marriage. The new wife is a shopaholic, she spends money like it is water, maxes out all of the credit cars, takes out loans from anyone she can. She spends so much that in just a few months of marriage she has TRIPLED the amount of debt he already had. Now. who is responsible for tripling the debt? Not wife #1….she’s already gone, and is only responsible for the debt of the past. Wife #2 it was alllllllllllll you. You can blame Bush for the economy, but I blame Obama for making it catastrophically outrageous.

5. Why don’t you support abortions for the mothers whose life is endangered or have been raped?”
First, only ONE PERCENT (1%) of abortions are for these circumstances. That means for every 99 babies killed for no reason, 1 is killed for the reasons listed. To understand why I don’t support it…remember that I believe abortion is murder. Lets say the kid is born. Mom gets raped. Should she be able to shoot her kid in the face because she went through a traumatic disaster? No. Mom gets cancer. Her life is in danger and she is going to die. Can she THEN shoot her kid in the face? No. That’s my answer.

4. You should respect whoever is in the White House, because he is President. Why don’t you?
I can answer this in 3 little words. Respect is EARNED. When he does something that is worthy of my respect, you’ll be the first to know.

3. Why can you not compromise?
We have. For years now, we have accepted your ridiculous claims, lies, deceit, and propaganda. Why can’t I compromise? Because of liberals. We have compromised for WAY TOO LONG…but your idea of compromise is us doing what they want. We’re tired of it. I, for one, say it is your turn to compromise.

2. Why do you say Obama is without morals, when conservatives keep getting caught cheating? Why not call them out?
First of all, I don’t believe who you have sex with has anything to do with politics. But I will answer. I think infidelity is a MALE PROBLEM. I have had boyfriends who cheated who probably couldn’t tell you what a Uighur is. But apparently cheating is political? I do feel sorry for any family who has to go through the hurt that their husband and father created. I hope they ask for forgiveness. When the news story hit, I said the same thing I always do. GUYS NEED TO LEARN TO KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS.

1.MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: “I try to get all sides of the picture, and the one painted by the right is that of fear & hate, never one of compromise & unity.” ~My favorite *free-thinker* and yours @darrwin
Elle. Oh. Elle. or LOL for some of you. Oh dear! I can totally see how that makes you open minded. No bias there. (if your computer just got wet, that was my dripping sarcasm)

Well there you have it folks. Gotta love the fact that Liberals constantly give me things to laugh at and blog about. Let me know in a comment if you have any good Liberal accusations and questions below.

Oh, and don’t forget, I am a racist, uneducated, ignorant, bible thumping, hate filled, brainwashed, manipulative, uncharitable, biased, intolerant, hypocrite. Or so I’ve been told.


Hate and the Liberal Hypocrisy

June 12, 2009

Whoever said sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me… was wrong. Words do hurt. If it were not for my faith in God and in the sense of self my parents instilled in me I would not be able to handle some of the comments directed at me. The mean spirit of some people who say horrible things to me, further causes me to lean on the love of my family and of the sovereign God that I believe in. Actually, that’s rather comical, considering they are spewing these words in hopes of destroying me while they actually make me a stronger Christian and believe more staunchly in the values I hold dear. Joke is on them.

I have good friends, actually two of my best friends who have had abortions. I see the trauma that they have endured because of this awful experience. I would never not love them because of this decision. My heart aches for the pain and disturbance it has caused to their emotional well-being. I love them and tell them God has forgiven them. I provide them with peace. That is the loving nature that was branded into me and expressed to me by my God. Yet, because I am pro-life I have been called a domestic terrorist, a close minded person, and a hate monger. I am not. I am the antithesis of that.

I have friends who are gay. I love them. I do not judge them for their lifestyle. I would probably be first in line to give them a hug, the shirt of my back, listen to them if they needed to talk, whatever I could to show them that my life is an example of the love God has for all of us. I do not stuff my religion down their throats. By example, I lead, and it is because of this example people see me as a different kind of person, and someone they aspire to call a friend. Yet, because I oppose gay marriage, I have been called a bigot, homophobic, and cold-hearted. I am not. I am the antithesis of that.

I have friends of almost every ethnic group possible. I love them because of the people they are. I see them as “friend”, “relative”, “support system”, not for the color of their skin. I see them for the value their existence has brought to my life. I don’t see them for their heritage, I see them as Americans like me. Yet because I disagree with the current policies of our Nation’s first black president I am seen as a racist, as intolerant, as narrow-minded and xenophobic. I am not. I am the antithesis of that.

I have friends who are atheists and agnostic. I pray for them the same as I do my Christian friends. I love them in spite of their beliefs and love that they love me in spite of mine. I do not censor my feelings around them, as they do not with me. I do not feel the need to cease praying around them, just as I am not offended that they do not join me. Yet because I believe we should remember this is a Christian nation and that my belief in God should be celebrated, I am called a religious zealot, a extremist, a bible thumping hillbilly. I am not. I am the antithesis of that.

For all of those liberals that have called me those names, I pray for you. It saddens me that these terms that have been ferociously thrown at me have been created by the left to spread the inequality they claim to be trying to lessen. I offer you this as a closing thought….

Since I have never, ever, EVER judged someone based solely on their race, religion, political stance, or past actions, I ask you….who is spreading the hate? Its not me. Those hateful words are your own, liberals. You created them. As a suggestion, if you really want to destroy hate in America, maybe you should live your life as an example of the antithesis of hate, instead of hypocritically spreading it.