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My Apologies

September 17, 2009

Dear Signers Of The Declaration of Independence,

In the few years preceding 1776, your ideals and morals lead to the creation of this great Country. You risked it all. Your lives, your families, and your fortunes. You were the men of greatness, whose words still grace our lips, whose speeches have inspired for centuries, and whose valiant bravery of defiance should serve as a model for the ages. You were before your time, you were brilliant, and we are humbled by your legacies. I am sorry it was all for nothing.

You fought against the taxation of the public without a voice representing you. Today, we have one of the highest tax burdens and we have a congress that serves their own interests before our own. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You fought against a tyrannical King who publicly called you treasonous. You saw a potential for this Country. A Country that was not based on tyranny but yet rejoiced in freedom. Today, we have a government who has seized control of car companies, insurance companies, banks, and now wants free reign of our healthcare. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

Your children were young and ideological. They lied about their ages to be able to fight for their freedoms against the British Army. Today, our children are lost, forgotten, complacent, and spoiled. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You wanted us to be able to worship freely without fear of persecution. You belived religion was a basis of a good society. You put God in your speeches and documents. Today, a Christian is heckled, called names by our government, and shunned for their beliefs. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You provided a structure for government. Three branches, check and balaces, so that no one person or entity has complete control. You wanted the control to remain in the hands of the people. Today, we have a plethora of Czars who are an entity of the government but yet not accountable to anyone but the White House. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

You and the Patriots of this Country risked everything for us to become independent of Britain. Centuries later, we have forgotten our roots, forgotten our history, forgotten your sacrifice. We mock you with our arrogance and self absorbed nature. We allow the oppression of others. We do not stand always on the side of freedom. We have let your dream become our nightmare. I did not stop it from happening. I am sorry.

I have made mistakes. I have stood ideally by. I have not spoken for freedom, for you. I have been a part of the problem and not the solution. You deserve better. I did not change my ways. I am sorry.

No more will I do these things, and this is my vow. I will look to you for my inspiration. I will look to you for bravery. I will look to you for a model. You deserve that at the very least. I may have failed but from here on out I will not give up until we succeed. I never again want to say I am sorry. You did not mistake mediocre for greatness. Neither will I.

Sincerely, and truly,



Debating is bad for MY health.

August 23, 2009

Well, the argument rages on, and its getting old. No one on the other side is LISTENING and I am tired of the constant barrage of ignorant comments like the fact that I don’t want National Healthcare means I am in some way a sadistic heartless meanie head who wants everyone to die if they’re not rich. Its PRECISELY the OPPOSITE! But they keep on saying it….along with the same tired buzzwords trying to make me seem like a bad person, or morally corrupt.

I have a few liberal people in my twitter stream that although they are mean to conservatives in general are nice enough to me personally. I am going to go over a few of the tweets between me and one of my liberal followers. Normally I would call him out…but since he is a good guy…just wrong…I will not. I am tired of the same old points and how they don’t make sense and no good debate is held in 140 characters or less, so I will take his tweets and answer them in depth. Now when someone says the same things tomorrow…my responses will be complete and finite.

This all began because he said “The GOP dont give a damn about anyone but themselves..The De-Facto Segregation of Health Care” and “RT If Right-Wingers Get Their Way, 22,000 Americans Will Continue 2 B Killed by Lack of Health Care Each Yr” and “RT inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America’s Dirty Work”. I was sick of seeing it so I said a few things back and thus begun yet another debate:

LIBERAL POINT #1: more than that will die with no healthcare. That is a fact. If they don’t come to SOME kind of compromise… (this was in response to me saying thousands die on waiting lists in countries with Nationalized systems)

Ok, if I put metal in a microwave for 10 minutes it is a fact that it will be bad. It is a fact because I can prove it based on the research of me doing it prior. Facts can be proven or disproven on research. We have never had a national healthcare option before. You have NO EARTHLY CLUE how many people will die on waiting lists for care, for a primary care doctor, for tests, for medicine, for diagnosis, for the money to pay a private care doctor if the government refuses to pay for their care. You don’t know because we have no research to determine the exact number. It is a fact that people will die. The 22,000 people that are estimated to die from lack of coverage each year are greatly increased by two things, REFUSING TO SEE A DOCTOR, and REFUSING TREATMENT BASED ON FEAR OF DEBT! These people are not REFUSED CARE! They CHOOSE not to go into debt over it. Very few are in situations that hospitals refuse treatment based on coverage. No hospital can refuse you care based on your coverage. Anyone who has been to an ER can attest to this. If you don’t want to get into debt to save your life…then it doesn’t matter that much to you. HOWEVER, in Canada and Great Britain it is a FACT that waitlists are growing and there is no solution in sight. How many people die on waiting lists every year? One researcher said it best…
Claims about patients dying because of waiting too long cannot be confirmed or denied from
current research and information. This is a part of the sorry state of wait list information in
Canada and Britain. Even simple statistics such as deaths from different procedures, or deaths of patients on
different lists, are simply not available.
Sounds peachy. At least in our system, we have the capability to tell you someone died.

LIBERAL POINT #2: (in response to who do you blame, since liberals are all about blame) I Blame the GOP leadership & Rush, hannity, beck, Steele, etc. They don’t give a damn about me. And they’re not even trying..

This one made me laugh. Lets review job titles shall we?

Rush Limbaugh:
Radio Talk Show Host on the EIB network.
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Sean Hannity:
Radio and Television Talk Show Host on Fox News
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Glenn Beck:
Radio and Television Talk Show Host on Fox News
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: None, although if his listeners who choose to listen to him feel he is not a good host, they can change the channel.

Michael Steele:
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Elected Official: No
Responsibility to the Public: To direct the party towards better leadership, if you are unhappy with his leadership, don’t be a republican.

You don’t feel like Radio and Television talk show hosts and the head of political committee don’t care about you? Um ok. Who cares? I am pretty sure Oprah doesn’t care about me and neither does the leader of the Aryan Nation, but they don’t have to care about me. If people are unhappy, they don’t have to do anything they suggest. If Rush Limbaugh tells me to donate 60000 to charity this year and I don’t…oh well. If Barack Obama passes a law saying I have to donate 60000 to charity this year and I don’t…I go to prison. See the difference? If you blame Rush, Beck, Hannity, and Steele for your problems, thats like me blaming Angelina Jolie for being prettier than I am and its her job to fix it. BARACK OBAMA AND HIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBERS ARE DUTY BOUND BY THEIR OFFICES TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY! Rush Limbaugh is duty bound to live, pay taxes and die, just like the rest of us. If you don’t like Rush, Hannity or Beck, don’t listen to their shows! If you don’t like Steele, don’t be Republican. If I don’t like Barack Obama, I still have to be American, and he still is the Commander in Chief of my husbands job. We kinda have to do whatever he says without question.

LIBERAL POINT #3: (this one was just out there) I saw the townhalls at ppl who called themselves patriots and all, but no one looked like me. I’ve fought for my community too.

No one looked like you? Can I just pass this one up? What does a patriot look like? Anyone look like Yankee Doodle Dandy with a feather in their cap? Ridiculous.

LIBERAL POINT #4: (two tweets in one point) millions without HC, without all the rhetoric, how do we help them? They need healthcare. All races. This should have happened alrdy. ok, what do you propose? Doing nothing is not an option.

First of all, LOL at me spitting out rhetoric. Ok, stop with race. Really. Seriously. Nothing to do with race. I don’t say it often….BUT SHUT UP! Who said anything about race? Oh yeah, you. Get over it.
Here’s what I propose and listen carefully since I am going to say this only (counts on fingers) well, 16,562,782,101 times already:
Get a job with benefits. If you cannot work, get Medicaid. If you can’t get Medicaid, go to the doctor’s and get in debt. If you get in debt and cannot pay it, declare bankruptcy. If you don’t want to declare bankruptcy, get a job. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Now, get out your pencils and paper and take notes on this last part because its the important part ok?

LIBERAL POINT #5: I’m a fan of ppl not dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. If that’s “socialism” then guilty as charged.

Finally, FIN-A-#($*&#($*&-LLY. We called them socialist in the beginning and it was like we called them Silly Billy Goo Goo Poopy Heads. We call them socialists now, after Brad Pitt said it was cool, and NOW its yep! Guilty as charged.
I understand you are not a fan of people dying. Neither am I. What you are failing to grasp still is that socialized medicine will kill people. Lets say your 22,000 people estimate is correct. Lets say all of these people per year die based on their checkbooks alone. Its not true, but lets just pretend. Lets put that number in perspective:

Every year:

43,354 people die in car accidents. Thats 21,354 people more than healthcare. Almost twice.

28,663 people die by firearm including gang warfare, criminals killed by police, and self defense. Thats more than healthcare by 6,663.

32,691 people die from poisoning, 72% of those unintentionally. Thats 10,691 more than healthcare.

30,622 people die from suicide. Thats 8,622 more than healthcare.

Suddenly, deaths due to healthcare seem not that large. Funny, here we are acting like people are dropping like flies. (excuse the pun, PETA). If you are not a fan of people dying due to not having healthcare, lets take on more important issues first. Don’t drive in a car, don’t be in a gang, don’t get shot by the cops, don’t get robbed, don’t ingest poison, don’t kill yourself. After you take care of these issues…the ones that really kill people…then we can talk.


25 Random Jen Facts

June 23, 2009

1. I started playing the violin when I was three. I was so excited to get my first violin that I ran to the car, fell and smashed it. The place where we bought it from replaced it because I was so upset.

2. I only got in trouble once in my life. I got a teacher assigned detention in the 9th grade for chewing gum in class. I cried that I would not get into a good college if it was in my record and that it was unfair since I was only chewing gum since I had a sore throat and ran out of cough drops. He didn’t make me serve the detention.

3. I got thrown out of a voting booth in the 8th grade for wearing to much Dole/Kemp paraphernalia and trying to sway voters at the polls.

4. If Starbucks came in IV form, I would buy a lifetime supply.

5. My favorite thing to do when I am around extremely drunk friends is to choose that moment to show them I have dentures and watch them freak out.

6. My grandparents were missionaries in Africa for 48 years in Mali, Africa. My grandpa was once walking in the jungle, got hit on the head with a coconut, and was unconscious for 24 hours before someone found him.

7. I met Bill Clinton at the Iowa caucus in 1996 and told him I had never been more disgusted to meet anyone in my life.

8. For my 16th birthday, my parents surprised me and rented the local news helicopter to pick me up from the soccer field at my school and fly me to my backyard where there was a huge party. It flew me over the Horseshoe and downtown Columbus. They had originally planned on a hot air balloon, but it was too windy.

9. No matter where I am, not matter what I am doing, no matter how I feel, no matter who I am with…if Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA comes on, I will cry.

10. I ate my very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I was 25.

11. My best friend Ambyr gets excited for what she calls “Jen Story Time” where I tell stories about my life for hours on end. I do this with everyone…but she is the only one who gets excited about it.

12. I physically hurt people during Ohio State games. When it gets close and someone is running for a touchdown…I have been know to punch people repeatedly while screaming “GO GO GO GO GO” I do not feel guilty for leaving bruises. They should be worn as a badge of honor representing the complete Buckeye experience.

13. A judge in Ohio once ordered my boyfriend and I to break up saying “The amount of time, and therefore money that is spent sending police officers to your house to break up your fights is unacceptable. You are costing the State of Ohio too much money. Both of you are to stay away from each other.” We left the courtroom and got back together.

14. I once won 3,383 nickels on a slot machine in Vegas. I was highly disappointed that instead of getting actual nickels I just got a ticket with the money amount printed on it.

15. Growing up, every friday from the time I was in kindergarten through high school, my mom would hide a “surprise” in my lunch. There would be a note and a little gift. Anything from a cool pencil set, to earrings, to hair clips. My friends used to get excited for me to open my lunch on fridays. My Mom never missed a Friday. The “Friday Surprise” idea was tried by the families of my friends but none of them kept up for long. Hence, my Mom rocks.

16. When I learned of the 9/11 attacks I got in my car and raced to the Red Cross to give blood. I was denied because I am anemic. The day afterward, my parents made a huge bulletin board on stilts out in front of their house. It was the American flag on a gigantic piece of plywood with the words “God is our Refuge”.

17. My Parents, their town, and all of their dogs names start with the same letter. Bob, Becky, Buford, Barkley, Beatrix, and Bailee in Bruceton Mills. I am Jen. Go figure.

18. Everytime I see a military fighter jet headed away from land, I always say “Go get ’em, boys!!!”. I know that most of the time they’re not going to combat…but just in case.

19. In the eighth grade, we were doing superlatives for the yearbook. Officially I was voted most likely to succeed and most organized. However, my science teacher insisted that the appropriate category for me to win was “Republican Most Likely To Start The Next Watergate”. So, 75% of the student body wrote that in the margins of their ballots and voted for me. I proudly took the title.

20. My prom date got grounded the night before prom. The day of prom, my dad knocked on my door while I was sulking in my room, and when I opened it he was in his tux. He told me to hurry up and put on my dress and get pretty. I did. He rented a limo and he took me out to dinner and a movie so I could wear my dress.

21. I have always said I am a magnet for felons. Almost all of the loves of my life have had a record. When I was a leasing agent at an apartment complex, the FBI showed up and asked about one of the residents who had previously asked me out. Apparently the name I knew him by, was the identity of one of the five people he had killed in a bank robbery in Kansas City. We went to his apartment, I knocked on the door, a FBI sniper behind me if he had tried to run or hurt me. Luckily, the apartment was vacant and he was already gone. A year later I got a letter in the mail from him under another name telling me he thought about me all the time. I drove to the local FBI office and gave them the note. Still never found out if he was caught.

22. After my gallbladder surgery I was on a push button of Dilotid. I apparently called my mom and told her I had made out with a doctor that had mono and she needed to come and pick up my dogs. I then proceeded to call everyone in my phone book. When I got home, I called my best friend and asked why they had not called me the entire time I was hospitalized, to which they informed me they had talked to me at least twice a day. Moral of the story: Take my phone away from me if morphine is involved.

23. I was very politically involved in a campaign of a certain Republican candidate for the US Senate. His extremely radical liberal opponent knew who I was because I would attend his rallies and hand out literature for my candidate while he was speaking. On my first day of college, I went to Political Science 101 and was floored that he was my professor. He didn’t notice me for the first fifteen minutes. The rest of the semester was awful. He failed me because I argued with him everyday. I considered that a good thing.

24. I’ve been snorkeling in the Caymen Islands and learned the hard way that if you open the bag of fish food they give you while you are underwater…that the fish will try to eat you getting the food floating around your face. I also learned my father would then be laughing so hard at me being freaked out that he could not help.

25. I’ve learned that character is what you do when you think no one is watching. If I was ever accused of being a Christian Conservative in a court of law, I want the prosecution to have enough evidence to convict me beyond a reasonable doubt. I want to dramatically, passionately, unapologetically, compassionately, charismatically, and wholly live the life I was meant to.


The Making of a Conservative

June 4, 2009

I get a lot of questions asking me, “Well Jen, why are you so conservative?” To some people, it seems by looking at me that I would not be a Christian Conservative Republican. I am not sure why this is. Apparently, bleach blonde hair, boobs, Juicy Couture outfits, and a Prada bag automatically makes people think I am liberal. But alas, I am not. Far from it.

There was a couple living in Columbus, Ohio that prayed incessantly for 3 years to God for a baby girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Every time the phone rang, her heart would skip a beat wondering if it might be the call she had been waiting for. One day, the couple’s prayers were answered. The voice on the other end of the phone delightfully told them that the answer to their devoted prayers had been born, and was waiting to meet her new parents. The couple was ecstatic to say the least. She ran upstairs to the nursery that had been sitting empty for three long years and made sure everything was perfect for the arrival of their new child. He went and bought the things they did not have already, such as formula and diapers. They had to wait 3 months for her to arrive while the paperwork was finished. Every day of that 3 months seemed to lazily drag on, teasing them with excitement. Finally, it was time to come meet and accept their new bundle of joy. That moment, when they first laid eyes on their new baby, renewed their faith in love at first sight. I was their angel, their answer to prayer, their new baby girl.

I was born at a hospital in Columbus. All I know about that time, is that apparently the woman who gave birth to me was raped. She has endured a horrific experience and we can only imagine why she decided to give me to someone else to care for. I am sure raising a baby that had been conceived in such a awful way, would be hard to do. In fact I suspect, as we all do, that the easy way out of that dark period in her life would be to kill the fetus inside her. She could have easily gone somewhere….killed me…..moved on…..and tried to forget what had happened. She did not. Instead, for nine months she carried me, she had morning sickness because of me, I kicked inside her and moved around in her belly, I gave her cramps, I pushed on her bladder, I made her tired and cranky and in pain. She endured a horrific rape, and saw the good that could come out of the situation. From her tragedy, the answer to my parents prayers was born. That, my friends, is the definition of love. That woman, who I have never met, loved me enough to give me to someone who could be the parent she could not be.

I will say this, I have made plenty of mistakes in my life. I have done things wrong, I have hurt peoples feelings, I have been ashamed of my actions. But, every person I have ever made smile, every person who I have given love to, every person who knows my name, and YOU reading this right now….their lives would be totally different if the world did not have me. My husband would have never found his love, my best friend would “not been sane” in her own words (she credits me for her sanity), Josh Moore in the 6th grade would not have had his first kiss during a church lock-in (LOL), and you would be doing something else with your time instead of reading this. If my birth mother had taken the “easy way” out, these people’s lives would have taken a completely different course. If my birth mother had aborted me, the answer to my parents prayers would never have been.

I think all the time about that possibility. I imagine all the time about the babies right now that will never take a breath. I imagine how our lives would change for the better if one of those babies had grown up and made a difference in the world. I imagine people around the world that could have had a doctor that would cure cancer, or a President that would make America great again, or a person who could have saved people lives.

Why do I believe what I believe? Life. Life is precious. My life is precious. Your life is precious. I believe life should be preserved. I believe we should save those children, who might be the answer to prayer. I believe that we should have the right to protect our lives against people who seek to harm us by exercising our right to bear arms. I believe the sanctity of marriage for the purpose of shaping the lives of our children with the strong male and female influence that are needed to make a child ready for life. I believe that our lives are so blessed by God that we deserve the right to liberty and freedom uninterrupted by the tyranny of government control. I believe our lives better when we have the freedom to rejoice to the One we credit for our existence, be it God, Allah, Buddah, or whoever Scientology believes in, or the right to celebrate life without a Creator.

Why do I believe what I believe? Because I am alive, and a living example that however small or great we all impact each others lives, and everyone deserves the right to do so.